••• Friday, July 06, 2007

July Candy Friday 

We're back, again, from the cottage. I'm currently working under the pleasurable peaceful house-work-promoting conditions of a Cakers-Free home. This is a time-limited opportunity, therefore, no way should I be spending even a kitten sneeze of a moment of this precious commodity, blogging.

That Being Said...Today's Eye Candy

Egg Candy

Bud buds.

Friend Candy

::Check out the confident stance, whilst donning melon-hued pants with stars and stripes. Girl Balls. McCalls.::

::What are the chances that the Dangle Your Noodle game was invented by a boy?.::

Glad Candy

Mad Candy

::Cakers: Don't take my picture. Me: Okay. ::

My Candy

Happy-Dog-Butt-on-the-Dock Candy

An actual post is may be coming soon, to a blog near you.

p.s. I could hardly upload my google reader or email, while on rural dial up, at the cottage. I hope to catch up soon, on my reading and emailing.

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