••• Friday, July 27, 2007

Small Freye Candy 

Meet Tater.
Tater the Mater.

Cabana planted tomatoes this year, his first hand at productive gardening. Tater is one of the first off the vine, and we are very happy to have him.

Looks like the feeling is mutual.

We're back at the cottage. Cabana is almost done with this current job and has a little down time while awaiting further instruction from corporate entities.

And the timing almost couldn't be better ::his being totally done with the job would be best::, because this weekend we're hosting a giant slumber party at the cottage, for my side of the family.

It's the third year we've done it and it's one of our favorite summer events. And for the purpose of easy entertaining, you can't beat a picnic at the lake. All you gotta do is put out some food, drink, flush vouchers, kayaks and assorted floatation devices and the party pretty much throws itself.

Between the dial-up and company and frantic efforts to retract last week's plea for rain, my presence over the next couple of days will be scarce.


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