••• Monday, August 06, 2007

Just a Couple Few Questions 

Do I love you, do I?
Doesn't one and one make two?

Do I love you, do I?
Does July need a sky of blue?

Would I miss you, would I?
If you ever should go away?

If the sun should desert the day,
What would life be?

Will I leave you, never?
Could the ocean leave the shore?

Will I worship you forever?
Isn't heaven forever more? (for evermore?)

Do I love you, do I?
Oh, my dear, it's so easy to see,
Don't you know I do?
Don't I show you I do?
Just as you love me. -Cole Porter

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

Eight years of spooning hearts.
Here's to eighty fatillion more.


P.S. I love you too, my little skater boy.

Almost as much as I love missing you while you're away at college.


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