••• Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sundry Monday: Part Tuesday 

I'm tired.
I'm worn.
And bereft of apt verbage.

But the blog must go on.

She Sew Fine or It's Not a Keg of Beer, It's a Goiter.
Okay. Maybe she just sew.

This is a pattern I bought online last year, titled Cute Skirts. It's a great sew. Not only are the instructions easy to understand, there is plenty of sew op, what with the eight panels, each with its own attached flounce.

I apologize for the crap photo.

Lately, Whenever I ask Cabana to shoot me in a new garb, he pretends he's a professional photog on a shoot. He moves all around, zooming in and zooming out, never taking his finger off the button.

Well, that would probably work out fine if he really was a professional, and the camera wasn't set on auto shoot.

In this one, he captures the typically uncapturable Essence of Boob rays:

And here I am caught in the throes of the ancient Slappa Cho Cho fertility dance. ::Don't try this at home. Or anywhere. Unless fully protected.::

::I'm finding that one secret to a happy relationship is playing pretend games. For example, we not only pretend that he knows how to take pictures, but we also make believe that is not my stomach pooch under that skirt. Love. It's a beautiful thing.::

I have a few more items I'd like to sew for myself, but first needed to toss the Cakers a Hush Puppie, er Poodle garment:

Yes. It's too big. I've been a mile or ten outta the sewing saddle. Evidently, the ability to purchase the correct size pattern for a child is a delicate art. One I have not yet mastered. There's like 17 separate sizes of size 7, for children. Evidently I bought the wrong one. Go figger. ::Yes I measured her. She came out a perfect size 7. The OTHER size 7.::

While I am really enjoying sewing again, I had forgotten how complicated it is, in contrast to knitting. Even though you get quicker results than with knitting, with sewing, there's a lot more of the moving shit around. There's moving fabric and patterns, iron and ironing board, there's scissors and pins and instruction sheets and...cats.

Not Hard of Earring
I've also been dipping into the bead pool.

And Then There's the Neonic Knitting
I've been working on Wendy Bernard's Tomato, a freebie download over at IK. ::Sorry too tired/rushed/lazy for links.:: I had a picture for you, but in the cut and paste process, lost the photo. And it's not on this computer. So forget I ever mentioned it.

Last But Not Least
If you are in the Michigan, Kristi has organized a Yarn Crawl and potluck bbq in September for the Lansing area.

You can read about it here.

You can see the nifty button here ::please note how it matches my outfit above and my earrings.::

Pssst...Kristi! My button says Yarnapalooza and the event is called Knitterpalooza. Can you help me out?*

*Therapese for Whatchutalkin'bout, Willis?

P.S. I started this post last night and am just finishing it up here at work but now I have to go to a meeting after publishing with prejudice.

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