••• Monday, August 20, 2007

A Sundry Monday 

Today I decided that a major contributor to my current status of unbloggability is related to unresolved issues regarding our most recent stint at the cottage. A weekend that ended over one week ago.

Simply put, the weekend was amazing.

But over the past week, whenever I sat down to write about it, I could not find the words. It was as though my observations and feelings were in-capturable by language available to me at the time.

So there I sat, staring at the white blank of blogger, pining for more creative climes.

But I do have some pictures of some amazing weekend things. Yes I do. Pictures to which I will now attempt to apply a modicum of language.

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Amazing Thing #1: The Pipples

Amazing Thing #2: The Water

Not only did the lake display an array of color and texture throughout the weekend, the water felt different.

Like a tactile elixir.

I swam a lot and for long.
A rare thing, for me.

Amazing Thing #3: The Sky

Amazing Thing #4: The Sky Meets the Water Meets the Pipples

I'm over it.

Summer who?

I'm So Over Him, Too.
College boy returned to campus today. To an apartment. I was kind of happy to see him go because he'd been kind of a nerve prancer this summer, what with not having a job and all.

And keeping the hours of the vampire.
And eating all the pop-tarts. And peanut butter.
And tapping on my laptop.
And sitting in my knit spot.
And watching my T.V.
Loud. Ly.

Just hours after he was gone, Cakers threw a hairy fit over some ridiculous thing. I've been applying a swift kibosh to these outbursts, so was about to send her to her room, when I noticed that the crying had a different feel than the usual overdramatization.

Her sobbing was that of the truly broken-hearted, with a sorrow that resonated a bit with my own heart, under the crusty veneer. So I scooped her up for an impromptu snuggle, in a dining room chair. I kissed her head and rocked her slow and before she even said the words, my eyes were already welling up in anticipation.

I miss CAY-mer-on!.

It's a little soon for me to miss him outright, but I recognize a definite sense of melancholy over this departure. It's like I'm homesick, but still at home.

Everything's normal, but somehow not the same.

Or maybe I'm just feeling the reeling in the years.

Gainful Unemployment
My work year starts August 28, the first of three full days of professional development. Every year I start off feeling a little nervous about the unknowns. But as this school year approaches, I'm becoming increasingly anxious and distracted and having trouble sleeping.

With good reason.

Between significant changes in supervisory and administrative and speshul ed teaching staff, a bigger caseload and tougher graduation requirements, I fear becoming the impetus for the No-Sosul-Werker-Left-Behind. Or-Maybe-One,If-She's Pretty-Squirrely. legislation.

I had about 16 fucktillion more things to talk about, but I suddenly seemed to have lost my mind.

I lost my wind.

Mind, good.

Wind, gone.

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Perfect; homesick but still at home. I know it well; he'll be home again before you know it!
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