••• Friday, September 14, 2007

Creye Candy 

While Looking at this:

I'm thinking of this:

And this:

And it makes me wanna cry.

Speaking of Which
It would appear that over the past few weeks, I have had the knit stuffin’ knocked right outta me. Over Labor Day weekend I did knit up some knadorable burp pads and bibs from the Mason-Dixon book, for my niece’s new baby, but took no pictures. They were so much fun, however, a reenactment is in the works.

Otherwise I have knit about two rows in as many weeks, on the Neonic Tomato, a picture of which you have not yet seen, either. Consider that a favor to your eyeballs. Speaking of which, I figured out that the changing of the contact lens can do much good, in the consideration of eyeball comfort. That being said, I also realize that I have not been getting near enough sleep these days. Or alcohol.

Speaking of which, in less than a month College Boy will be 21 and therefore highly sendable to the store for booze for his poor ol' momma. Booze she’ll be sorely needing upon the dawning of the knowledge that her College Boy is 21 and highly sendable to the store for booze for his poor ol' momma. Booze she’ll be sorely needing upon…oh. Sorry.

Speaking of which, I keep sending that boy off to college, but he keeps coming back. Last week he came home for the weekend and never left the property. In fact, except to use the bathroom, he never left the living room. Even to sleep ::he brought all his bedroom furniture to college. Furniture I’m sure was whooping it up all weekend, in celebration of his boring ass absence.:: Apparently he has entered a new phase of human development that hereto now I had never heard of: Neo-Adult Parasitic.

I think my eagerness for him to pass through this phase is as strong as or even stronger than that of any other developmental stage I've seen either of my children through. The only possible exception would be that awkward period where Cakers insisted on using tampons for Butt Wipe Sticks and the applicators for Barbie Wands.

Gawd. No wonder I'm so damn tired.

Crawling in Love Again

I hope to reclaim some Knittin' Stuffin' tomorrow, when I participate in Knitterpalooza, a yarn crawl through Greater Lansing ::I know, I too had no idea that Lansing could get any greater.::. After we successfully deplete the city of all feasible fiber resources, we're meeting up at Chez Red Dog for a Knit Hang and Cookout.

I get kind of nervous around new people, but I'm very excited to finally meet Kristi, fellow soshul werker and former neighbor-I-never-knew. I'm also excited to see my T-bear buds again. It's been too long.

But now I gotta go. I only have several hours to figure out what to shop for and what to wear.


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