••• Monday, September 17, 2007

Knitter Faloozy: Pt 1 

Don’t you just hate it when a knit blogger posts about some social event, where people you’d like to meet, are meeting other people you’d like to meet?

Along with the upbeat, friendly narrative of these posts, there is the usual peppering of inside jokes and innuendo, the hilarity of which can only be known to those who attended. When I read those posts, I usually feel happy for the depicted participants, but also a bit left out. Lonely, if you will. Paranoid, even.

For that very reason I have mixed feelings about writing this post. There's a part of me that wants to be sensitive to the feelings and interest level of all 17 of my loyal readers. And there's another part that wants to say "Na Na Boo Boo. It's my turn now."

Na Na Boo Boo won.

And here we are.

The Faloozy Collection

Supreme High Priestess of the Knitter Faloozies.

She flips.

She thrusts.

She struts her stuff, y'all.

And she has ree ree white teeth.

::Just a thought for any future events: Keeping Kristi occupied with an important job keeps her away from the sauce. At least for awhile.::

The Minor Faloozies
I'm typically uncomfortable in a new social situation and usually creep around the periphery of said activity, until I find a safe spot to merge. For those of you with similar behavior patterns,I have figured out the perfect cure for situational shyness: Find the loudest, scariest, smart assiest person in the room, plop thyself down right next to her, and fasten your seat belt.

My cure has a name: Dirty Sue.

::Dirty Sue is not at all shy. Most powerful, smart-assicle beings have their own version of kryptonite. The camera happens to be Sue's kryptonite. And did you know she used to date Ozzie Osbourne? Stole him right away from Sharon. That's right. The bat head thing was actually her idea. After she tired of him, she kicked his ass home, and never looked back.* I know.::

What Kristi is to The Sauce elegant entertaining or Dirty Sue to bat cave savagery, Sarah is to knitting finesse. Seriously. And she's a fine smartass, to boot.

Postus Interruptus
I really meant to finish this post tonight. But I can't. I just finished a 14 hour day at work and don't have the witherall to rub two thoughts together. Stay tuned tomorrow (or the next day. Or so.) when we venture into the Mid-Michigan knitting underworld, in search of mystery woman Tonya*. ::Between you and me, I think some people know more than what they're lettin' on, regarding Tonya's true identity and probable whereabouts. cough-Toya-cough.::

Which reminds me, what ever happened to the stranger with the jumper cables?*

Also, in Part II, I'll be sharing more pictures, as well as the froots of my booty call, from the yarn crawl.

Please note that this post is going to press with little to no proofing or editing and rights reserved to clean it up later.

*May be an inside joke or something I just made up, with no contextual relevance to anything.


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