••• Friday, September 21, 2007

Knitter Faloozy Pt II 

Thursday Edition
But on Friday.

Just as my brain's been pickling in the brine of fatigue all week, so has this post been stewing in the juices of my draft post bin.

So let it be said, I have had a busy week. Monday was Open House at the school where I work, which went until 9. Tuesday was Blah-Blah-Blah Night at Cakers' school. And Wednesday I had a 7 a.m. meeting and had to stay late for another one. No wonder it's been so hard to get my workday rhythm going.

So on With the Show, This is It.

More Faloozies.

On the left is Sharon, who is knitting some lovely Sharon Stuff, while wearing it. That's right. I met Sharon briefly once before, and it was nice to be able to spend some time with her. Sharon is a very busy woman. After our party, she headed off to Contradance ::In case you didn't know, Contradance is dancing to music played by a Contraband.:: Sarah told me that sometimes the dance group will have a little party, which is called a Contraception. ::Not only are these Lansingites great knitters, thayze smarts to.::

Next to Sharon is Who's-Tonya?-Toya. A funny delight, that one. ::Watch for more on her. In the news.::

Here's another one of Sharon and some people I didn't get to meet personally, but it seems that they are all named a variation of Kelly**.

See the woman with the beautiful, aubergine, luminescent hair? I took about 6 pictures of her, but I'm not going to show them all, because that would make me weird.

But I will show you this one:

I kind of wish I would've introduced myself. Then again, I'm kind of glad I didn't introduce myself, but only because if I had, I may have been compelled to ask her if I could roll my face, ever so gently, into her luminosity. Of course, everyone would then understand why I don't get out much, and when I do, that I tend to keep to myself. And indeed, the self-imposed isolation is for the better.

This here is Deana.

I would've liked to have talked to her some more, but after I inadvertantly snapped that shot of her performing a local variation of the Slappa Cho Fertility Dance, we both felt kind of self-conscious.

There was another lovely woman named Carolyn, who walked around all afternoon, slinging her adorable, well-knit baby in a baby slinger, whilst knitting. As evidenced here.

When I told Cabana about Carolyn's well-balanced skills, he said "Good thing you never tried that. I can just see me having to frog Cakers off of you..." Gosh, I love that man. He so gets me, yet still loves me.

Knitterfa Looty
I was only able to crawl to one yarn joint. But just getting around the yarn acreage of Threadbear really is a day trip onto itself.

Whenever I go there, it always takes me awhile to get my Threadbearings, and this trip was no different. The place is huge. And the sales... ::sigh::. I bet I loaded and unloaded my basket three times, after coming upon an even better deal than the current load.

I settled on Mission Falls, which they were practically giving away. The reddish is designated for a cable sweater for me, and the greenish will be a baby hat.

This stuff was also on sale, and will soon become a Mimi Long Gone scarf for mi mom.

And I bought this Chic Knits pattern, which up until today, was only available through venders. That other one is a Mac n Me scarf pattern. ::I hope the Ribby Pulli pattern has the short sleeved, scoop-neck version.::

Of course, the highlight of any visit to Threadbear is having some time with the Bears themselves, Rob and Matt. I also had a nice visit with a friend of theirs, with a lovely name which currently escapes me. ::Reason #47 that I suck at social: I forget people's names. Unless you're the Kelly who 30 minutes after waiting on me at the store, was sitting next to me at the party! She's a real sweetie, with a great attitude, in spite of having spent her entire 6th grade year isolated in a tunnel under the middle school.*::

If you haven't had enough, there is also a Flickr page designated to this event.

And now I'm done.

*More inside shit. Sorry. But not really.

**Totally made up.

Special Word to Kristi, Sue and Kelly, please don't plan the City Knitting visit this weekend. I'm going north for a belated anniversary treat, via a weekend of drinking and scrumping romantic celebration. I plan to return home with nothing less than a hangover happy glow and a full blown UTI heart full of special memories.


What a fun post! It was fun, wasn't it?! If I didn't sling/babywear, I'd never get to do ANYTHING. ;) I had to work up to knitting while wearing, though!
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