••• Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let-It-Flow Tuesday 

The New Face of Domestic Terror

And related, memorable movie quotes:
"You see, the menopausal lady don’t like people laughing. She gets the crazy idea you’re laughing at her. Now, if you apologize, like I know you’re going to, I might convince her that you really didn’t mean it…."- A Uterus With No Name, from a Fistful of Tampons.

"When a woman wearing an overnight-pad-in-the-daytime meets a man with a Winchester, you said the woman wearing an-overnight-pad-in-the-daytime’s a dead woman. Let’s see if that’s true…" – A Uterus With No Name from A Fistful of Tampons.

"I eat breakfast with 4,000 raging hormones, all trained to kill, so don’t think for one second you can come down here, flash your speculum and make me nervous."- Colonel Nathania Stirrup in A Few Good Menses.

"But being this is a Playtex Pearls Super Suck Magnum 44- the most powerful tampon in the world, and will suck those chinpubes back into your chinbone, ask yourself a question—‘Do I feel lucky?’"-Cherry Callahan in Dirty Cherry

"Here’s to 5 miserable months on the rag and all the irreparable harm it’s caused me."-Jackie Torrents from The Flooding.

"I’m sorry I ate your FSH"- Hotto Flash in A FSH called Wanda.
A semblance of a real post is in our collective futures. First I need to find the cave where my family has taken refuge.

p.s. Please ignore the little arrows around the raging uterus. I don't know how I missed them.

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