••• Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bring Your 'Mater to Work Day 

I know I said I wouldn’t be here much this week, but this quick-n-dirty couldn’t wait.

Monday I wore Tomato to work. And it went something like this:

I know.

And for all its Neonic-Cheap-Yarn aesthetic leanings, I cannot remember a time when a sweater of mine, or any garment for that matter, drew so much positive attention at work. Seriously.

In riding out the glory of the near alarming* success of ma 'Mater debut, Monday night I whipped up an i-cord belt** for Ariann, for Tuesday’s Ain’t-I-The-Knit-Shit?-Act-II.

While Ariann garnered some positive attention as well, the overall complimentary tone of admirers was on the reticent side. Which kind of surprised me, given the complication factor. Maybe they were sensing an unwitting participation in the creation of a self-absorbed knit freak?***

And just when I thought I was finally safe from the piggish leanings of the in-house photog, ::Phothog?:: I endured this licivious, pixelated assault.

From the WTF Me Wednesday Files
Thanks for those who gave me M.C. Escher as the artist in question, in my last post.

At the official website, I found this print, which very much brings to mind the fair isle pattern on Tomato.

I use my work and email calendars for daily calendaric needs. At home, Cabana mostly uses the kitchen calendar, where he recently started posting important dates for Cakers' school activities and deadlines.

Monday after work, I switched the kitchen calendar month to October. Even though I rarely look at that calendar, I needed a quick reference for dates regarding upcoming birthday festivities and related plans.

After I switched the month and had a quick look-see, I headed to my laptop to check my mail. A few minutes later, Cabana came into the kitchen from the garage, and standing almost in front of the calendar, started yammering about something.

Behind him, just over his head, I noticed this:

Oh My Gawd! Is that an Escher print??

He pulled it down and looked at the subtitle for October, then flipped the calendar to the front cover.

"It's an M.C. Escher calender. 2007." He replied.

It's October, people.

Welcome to my brain. Send money, meds and booze.****

*After awhile I started to get a little paranoid. Like, what's wrong with the rest of my wardrobe? Like when people fall all over your new haircut, to the point where you worry what they thought of your last one? Maybe it was just the allure of orange on a beautiful fall day. Yeah. That's it.

**You may recall, my Ariann came out a bit small, so the belt was to be the official fastener.

***False impression. Totally. I am humble. I am.

****Substitutions not allowed.

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