••• Friday, October 12, 2007

Eye Foggy Friday 

That's a pretty tree. And some fog. And some other trees that aren't that pretty, but seem to hold their own.

The Road Less Raveled
I received my Ravelry invitation last week and it took me several days to even get around to activating. Once inside, I found myself blinking a lot. Maybe it was just the effects of the weeks of wondering ("anticipation" is too strong a word), but initially I felt like I had been sucked into an alternate universe.

I finally joined a few groups, and tagged one friend, whose name I happened upon in a group.

My username is NatalieWould, so feel free to stop by and say "hi."* Or you can just leave a comment here. Heh.

I have much work ahead of me, taking stash pictures and uploading FOs. I'm not sure when I'll find the time to do all this. So for now, I'll just look at the pretty pictures, lurk in forums and watch for trainwrecks.

What I really need is a weekend free of previous commitments or spontaneous family engagements. And it's definitely not this weekend. Tonight, right after work, we're driving to campus to take College Boy out for a belated birthday dinner and grocery shop.

Maybe Tomorrow.**

*I feel kind of weird saying that in a blog post, because people can say "hi" right here.

**This song was the B-side to what early 70's hit?***

***Never mind.

Edit: Well call me Funky and tie my Chicken. Bets, I coulda sworn on my sacred stack of Donnie posters, that the song in question was the B side to I'll Be There. And I originally was going to call on you directly in my post, for the answer, 'cuz I knew you'd be the one. Sorry for the bad toss.

I left my purse at home today. Bad brain doth follow me since.

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