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Eye on Friday 

Taking Leave of mEye Senses

I know I posted leaves last week, but let's just say I'm not getting out much these days. Between early morning meetings and two nights of parent/teacher conferences at work, my life this week has pretty much been sleeping, showering and driving to and fro.

::For Eye Candy kick, Don't forget to click. The only post-shot applications used on this was a touch of white balance and contrast. I love the white undersides of the leaves.::

Taking Leave of My Dollars and Centses
And she'll have yarn, yarn, yarn,
Til Cabana takes her Paypal away.

Last Sunday, Bonne Marie engaged in a bit of Stash Dehancement.
Also, last Sunday, I engaged in a little Stash Enhancement.

I guess you could call it Yarn Yang. And it went something like this:

That there is closeup skank sample of some Dream in Color yarn. ::Can't recall the color name. It's pink and purply.::

I've read about this yarn in recent months, what with all the to-do about the cute baby sweater kits and all. But I really had not paid much attention to what, exactly, all the fuss was about.

Once I got my grubby mitts around some of this, and found out what a good deal I had gotten, I'm fussin' big time. I have enough for a sweater, and am thinking of the Ribbi Pulli, with a contrasting yoke.

But dayam if I ain't already got a pile of must-do projects on my tiny plate, in my tiny mind. In the meantime, I'll be fondling with fondness.

Pink-y Swear
Way last week, I happened upon a pretty good deal on Rowan Rope, over at Elann, whereupon I snagged me yet another batch of pink. I'm thinking of something quick n dirty for the Cakers.

Speaking of Cakers and Pink-y Swears, when this yarn was delivered, she asked if she could open the box. ::She just had a Birthday, so this is definitely an area of competence.::

Of course I said okay.

Ten minutes later she brings me the rectangle-shaped USP box, with a crisp, rectangle- shaped chunk cut out of the top.

"Here mom. I had to cut it with the scissors because it was too hard to open."


I check the plastic bag and note a couple puncture wounds and one solid cut.

"Honey, you should've asked me for help before using the scissors. One of the skeins is cut, see?" And I held out what looked like a Pink Skank with a bad haircut.

"Sorry mom.”
“But that's okay, because you still have lots and lots and lots of yarn. And even lots more downstairs. Right?”

What could I say to that?

What I do know is that I defintely need a new hiding place for the scissors. And the yarn.

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