••• Friday, December 14, 2007

Always, With the Balls... 

My name is Marcia and I’m a Slackaholic. It’s been seven days since I last made meaningful contribution to any purpose here on Earth and three days since I was last yelled at by the lady who lives in the automated check-out machine, at the grocery store.

Today's Eye Candy is sponsored by the local chapter of MAMoStriLiWhUnDerInfluHomiIdWhoFaMeStiNeedaCouMoYeaToGeOvLastin (Mothers Against Mothers Stringing Lights While Under the Influence of Homicidal Ideation Whose Family Members Still Need a Couple More Years To Get Over That Last Incident)

I've been messing with the manual settings on my camera. I have no idea to where I'm spinning dials, or why, but I'm having fun.



::I think that fuzzy graininess is known as "noise". I kind of like it in some cases. And ya gotta love Rudolph's 'Reindeer in Headlights' stunned, yet grainy glaze.::

You wouldn't know it by this picture, but Cheddar actually hates the zoom lens.

When I was a kid, there was one year when we had all homemade ornaments on the tree.

This is the last of the Melted Plastic Drink Cup ilk. God Bless the 70's.

::I may have told that melted cup story last year. What can I say? I'm a whore for stupidity.::


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