••• Monday, December 24, 2007

A Tale for the Season 

The Redemption of a Hater

I had a post all planned out for today. In this post there was to be lots of whinging. Specifically, whinging about the bringing of the Happy Joy to loved ones who not only deserve some, but who also return some, tenfold.


I had the post planned out, in all it's clever, but due to circumstances that bring said opportunity for whinge, there was no time to whinge it.

Then along came a mess of these, courtesy of the collective, creative hardship of me, my man and my darling daughter:

They've been giving me smile all day.

And I hereby wish the same upon you.

So, have Some Glee.
On me.

::If you currently struggle with Having the Glee, I suggest you click on that first picture, to embiggen, and look at the collection of little buttons upon their little berets. It might save you bucks in therapy.::

::In fact, I suggest you embiggen both pictures.::

::That being said, in the event of embiggen, don't look the guy who appears to need waterproof mascara, directly in the eye. Otherwise, enjoy.::


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