••• Friday, January 25, 2008

Eye-Cand-Believe-It's-Been-a-Week-Since-Last-Friday Friday 

Cabana brought home a bouquet of flowers last Friday, to help warm up a welcome for my new friends. All this week, those old buds provided a warm (and sometimes giggly)reminder of my new buds, as well as a notable sense of sad that the party had come and gone, already.

They started going bad a couple of days ago ::The flowers, not the friends. I'm pretty sure that ship done sailed long ago.::, but I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

Today I finally had to do it, but only after I snapped a couple buds to remember.

P.OMG.S. Franklin is in Lansing, MI as I type, a mere 55 minutes away, sans inclement weather and speed limits. He's going to be at The Fabulous T-Bears, taking pictures for his 1,000 knitters book. I can't decide if I should go...

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