••• Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Rocks Off My Mind 

Today's Eye Candy is courtesy of wetter and better times.

Rocks just wanna have fun.
Me too.

Is It Spring Break Yet?
My reentry into the world of work this week, has earned itself a Four-Prong rating on the Oyster-Fork-in-the-Eye universal rating system.

In addition to all the work stuff I cannot speak of ::none of said stuff appears to have taken any kind of holiday break.::, Tuesday night I broke and swallowed half of a large-ass molar. ::Umm, yeah.That would be from my own mouth.::

At the subsequent emergency dental appointment, the N00bish dental assistant wrote down the vitals as I shared them, including the part about the bigass hole in the back of my mouth, deep enough to be the start of a whole new world of gynecological possibilities.
She: Does it hurt?

Me: Not really, which kind of surprises me, because it’s a really big hole. And deep. And I haven’t been chewing on that side at all, on account of the big, deep hole. In my mouth. Where half a tooth used to be.

She: So, Marcia, what would you like to happen here today?

Me: ::Stunned silence. So many possibilities...Sarcasm? Smartass? Play along real stupid?::

She: What I mean is, what are you hoping for?

Me: World peace and someone to look at the crater in my mouth and tell me I’m not going to die? Today?

She: I think we can help you with that. ::pats my arm.::
It doesn't get any better than that.

2008 Mission-ary Style
Time not spent this week on my job or poking my tongue into the big hole in my mouth, was sucked up by the poking of my face into closets, cabinets and bins, in lining up my venue for this:

It originated as a Ravelry gig, but I'm pretty sure the un-Raveled can play along too. Read all about it here.

Another large chunk of time was spent on a related blow-by-blow blog lament, complete with details on each item. By the time I posted my intentions on the Ravelry group last night, I had lost all taste for talking about it, so consider yourself spared.

You're welcome.

Here's just a little mosiac of my intentions. I'll simply update as I get the missions accomplished.

p.s The mosiac and my Ravelry list do not jibe. I'm too tired to figure it out. I got some knitting to be getting to.

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