••• Monday, January 07, 2008

If You Give a Mouse a Bullet... 

...She'll want a place to put it.

If you find a place to put it, you'll have to move two coffee cups.

If you move two coffee cups, you'll have to find a place to put them.

If the place you find to put the two coffee cups is already crammed with coffee cups, including some cups from the set of Christmas dishes that your family used for Every Day, from December 18, 2006 through January 5, 2008*, then you'll want to holler to the Cabana-in-The-Basement to please bring you the box for the Christmas Dishes.

If the Cabana-in-The-Basement goes to storage room #1 and makes a bunch of loud banging noises, followed by some softer cussing noises, followed by one louder crash and related cuss, then he can't find the Christmas dishes boxes.

If he can't find the Christmas dishes boxes, then the Christmas dishes cups can't be put away and the two coffee cups can't go in the coffee cup cupboard and there won't be room in the other cupboard for the Bullet.

If there is no room for the Bullet, then the basement must be cleaned and somebody is going to be sooooo busted for the hoards of yarn that have been obfuscated by storage-induced chaos, clutter and crap for the past six years.


Long story confusing, because I needed a place to put my new kitchen toy, Cabana took to cleaning the basement, and for the want of 2 coffee cups, my garage now looks like this:

And this:

While Cabana Roto-Rooted the storage, I reorganized the kitchen cupboards and ended up not even needing the coffee cup space. Most of the cups went into the donation box.I mean, how often do I entertain 73 coffee drinkers at the same time? About, ummm, yeah. That often.

Nothing like starting out the new year with a good case of craparreah.

I feel better now, don't you?

From the Corner of WTF and Main

::There's a weiner joke in there, somewhere.::

From the WTF-TV Newscenter Stormteam
It's January 7.
In Michigan.
Temps today were in the 60's.
A neighboring county is currently under a tornado warning.
Boy dog nursing puppies messes with the cosmic order.

This is not my New Years post.

*True story. We're just a a lazy cheery bunch.

Is it just me or does "Magic Bullet" sound vaguely dirty?
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