••• Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things I Learnt This Weekend: 

1. The Horsemen Knew Her.

While that particular bit of education was a blast in the learning, when I woke up Sunday morning with swollen brain, cotton mouth and a pocket full of cartoon-faced maxi-pad, I determined The Horsemen to be of apocalypse ilk.

2. Sure,She's Cute (and Photogenic!), But Keep an Eye Out.

Saturday night in the Motel room, while some of us embarked upon an evening of interpersonal growth and spiritual renewal, Kel was typing us all up on the internetz!

::Please read her post for a general overview of our weekend, pre-Apocalypse Riders. And for the record, I'm only copping to the Tequila statement.::

2. She is the Best Laugher I Ever Snorted.

And how that woman got me sharing stuff known only to a husband, a couple of lesbians and an aloe plant, is still beyond me. All within the first hour of our meetup. Pre-alcohol.

3. I Can Entertain Guests Without Anyone Dying.

Just so you know, Kristi couldn't see a thing when that picture was taken. She did make a gallant effort to pretend otherwise, by remarking on the traffic going past the house, as observed out the picture window in the living room.

So wasn't she surprised to learn that the window faces the back yard?
Yeah. She was.

4. I Need to Hone My Multi-Tasking Skills in the Social Milieu.

This is going to be a sock for my husband.

I cast on for this sock Saturday evening in the motel room, around 6:30. After casting on, I recount the cast on stitches about 347 times. Except for brief intervals of pee and mandated moments of entertainment, I held on to this sock-to-be for the duration of the evening, with every intention of joining the ends and knitting at least a round.

In retrospect, I think I didn't complete the join because on some meta-conscious level I needed the needles straight, to serve as a psychological handle bar to which I clung for dear life for the rest of the night. In a good way.

5. We Could All Use a Little More Ass Slapping, Cheer Clapping, Pony Hopping, Tea Snarking, Yarn Skanking, Pants Pissing and Love Dishing, in Our Lives.

Thank you, friends.

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