••• Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oyster Fork Wednesday 

Brains are baking.
Nerves are shaking.

All my pixels
In disarray.

Intendment No. 2:
Finish Intendment list by the end of 2008.

But not this week.

I also had every intention of fixing that magnificiently mongo sentence frag in that last post. I even said such a thing to a friend, via IM, Saturday morning. "I gotta go fix that." And my friend said "Or it will bug you all day."

But I didn't fix it. 'Cause I kinda liked it. It's like I wrote an-almost-one-sentence mystery. Despite the discomforts, inconvenience...frag, frag, frag... did I enjoy the skiing or did I not? ::I reveal the answer later in this post.::

We all frag.
We are all guilty of incomplete thoughts.
And open code tags.
And soaking pans too long in the sink.

::But never do I fart in the revolving door. Never.::

I actually did go back to change it, but when I opened the post I think I heard the faint sound of nails on chalkboard. And some teeth gnashing. And the renting of clothes. And the howling of aggrieved dogmata.

And I kinda liked it.

::I have never once told you that I am not disturbed.::

From Emails
Via email, I received several requests to see a picture of me in my ski ensemble. And you know, I’m all about pleasing the pipples,

So without further ado and for your complete mocking pleasure, I present Madame Dorkski:

Okay. I lied. Nobody emailed requests for a picture.

I did get another email from my new friend from West Africa. She's a recently widowed Dutchess (that's how they spell it in West Africa). She seems like a nice lady and everything, but I'm feeling like the relationship is going kind of fast. She's getting a little pushy.

Maybe things will settle down once she receives Cakers' social security number, so she can deposit some money in her college fund. She really is a sweet lady. And so generous.

Intendment No. 3:
Stop lying to make myself look important.
I will lie only for the higher good of others, or free yarn.

By the way, I really did have a good time skiing, and wish I had done more of it this year.

Out of the Lens of Babes
We used Cakers' camera for the day on the slopes. When I unloaded the pictures to my computer, there were several bonus shots. I suppose people other than Cakers' mother may not find these as entertaining as she did.

Oh well.

Here we have super hero, and the short bus she rode in on.

Even though she didn't get to save anybody, who could hate being the main meat of a Barbie/Ariella sandwich? ::I think that's who is on her lap.::

A little family portrait of Webkinz. ::I like how it's so serious.::

Pretty Pony by Day:

Pretty Pony by Night Vision Lens, Skulking Down a Back Street, Looking to Score:

Monkey Foot:

Wine Glass on the Desk aka Evidence for the Custody Hearing:

Speaking of Monkey Feet

One down.
I'm very happy to knit socks for my husband, but between the length of the sock and this boring yarn, I'm about to take addi cord to neck.

Things are going whack around here, so this is likely the post of the week.

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