••• Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Briefs 

Mr. Saturday Sky

My father-in-law left this little fella on the porch, as a special welcome.

Sorry, Frond Number

Not a frond at all, but a pine tree, loaded for snow bear.

Big Heel Keep on Turnin'

I have turned the heel on my husband's first sock. It was all going well until I somehow dropped a couple of vital stitches whilst transferring them from the waste yarn, back to the needles. Complicating matters is that working with black yarn on a wisp of a needle is a bitch. Especially come darkness.


It's Saturday night and the gerbils-on-wheels who power the dial-up are all down with a bad case of furballticilitis, making the connection up here urpy, at best.

For the record, I am SO not down with this.

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