••• Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Minutes in a Room 

Cakers made me this vase for St. Patrick's Day. I love, love, love it.

I especially love the little stroke marks, left by her sweet little dabbings with a brush. I like to imagine her jabbering away to her dad, and the pottery store attendant, and maybe thinking a little of me, wondering if would like it, and what I was going to say.

I've had a bad week. Again. Still. A week seemingly begotten by the Bastard-Now-Known-as-Last-Week.

After I took those vase pictures this afternoon, I sat for a minute. Thinking. In the sun.

Then along came a cat.

Then along came an idea to sit in this one spot on the floor and take pictures of whatever the hell I felt like. While I did rotate around to get shots all around, I never moved more than a foot in any direction from my original spot, and my ass left the floor only when I scooched around.

Bella and I were soon joined by Cakers and Cheddar.

And five minutes later, I had a sampling of this sunny, domestic harbor.

Have a Good Friday, everyone.
::Yes, I know it is Thursday. Or is it Maundy? Anyway. The week I've been having, I figure Friday can't get here soon enough. Sorry about the dull post, but it was either this, or full on emotional spewage, from all orifices.::

::Please click to embiggen some.::

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