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Just Another Manic Monkey 

No Monkey Zone
First of all, there are no Monkeys in this part. This part is about Quick Knits that Aren't That Quick.

Evidently a Quick Knit is only Quick if you actually knit on it.

This is what I have so far on the Kipling.

I think I finished the front piece early last week, which was really easy and quick. After this point, however, the pattern gets a little tricky, what with the sewing of two 1.5 inch shoulder seems. After that is the picking up of a couple several stitches for a couple tiny sleeves. Tiny sleeves which would then need to be, you know, knit.

Clearly, it was all too much for me.
All right, that might be a bit of a distortion.

Clearly, all I really want to do, is knit socks.

Variations on a Theme
Last week, Kim and I were talking about socks and she mentioned she was working on the Monkey,and loving it.

I happened to have some lovely sock yarn and needed to get moving on my plan to make matching socks for my daughter and Mother In Law. ::Matching as in each will have a matching pair of socks that match. K.::

So, Thursday night I cast on for Monkey. Here's the Rib:

Topic Sidewinder: Like most kids, as a toddler, Cakers went through the Band-aid-as-Fashion-Statement phase, where she needed a special band-aid for every occasion. Two years ago Christmas, I found these band-aids at some little boutique, and thought they might provide a nice alternative from her current and very mainstream collections of Spiderman, Dora and Spongebob.

They were never her first choice, but she nickel-dimed the stash over a few months time. Eventually the box ended up on the top-shelf of the medicine cabinet, then forgotten. For some reason, the container has recently come back into circulation and Friday it was sitting on the back of the sink, open. When I leaned over to wash my hands, I glanced into the open container, and saw this:

Is it my imagination, or is that Cheeky Monkey smirking at me?

Later that evening I commenced with the lace pattern on Monkey. After ripping back to the rib twice, I tried a third time. But it still looked like, well, Monkey Butt.

And I think the Cheeky Monkey knew.
::I find it odd that none of us saw that little guy in there before. Especially the Cakers. Because if she had, the Monkey would not still be in the container. Therefore, I think it was meant to be, this Monkey Post.::

I finally decided that the Monkey pattern is just too much for me, at this n00bish stage of my sock skill development. So I looked around the Ravelry and found this pattern.

Here's what I have so far:

And it's going well.
At first I thought maybe it was going so well because of the Lack of Monkey in the project.

But after I took a closer look at the picture, I had to think again. See it?

Maybe this will help:

Today's lesson: When it feels like all your knit is Monkey Butt, turn the other Cheeky, and let your Monkey Shine.

P.S. The theme runs more rampant than previously imagined. A guy name Kipling wrote the The Jungle book, no?

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