••• Friday, April 11, 2008

The Party's Over 

My spring break officially ended at 3:00 today. Sure, I still have the weekend. But I always have the weekend.

As spring breaks go, this one didn't break any records for drunken-yet-harmless moral misdemeanors*, or sunshinery debauchery. But it was time away from the fray, with family, and knitting.

For today's post, I started to write what I originally considered to be an interesting piece, on the potentially life-threateninig hazards related to a city slicker vacationing on a melting lake, in spring. About three words and several heavy sighs into it, I realized that in order for one to fully appreciate the abject horror and mortal terror and resulting wonder of la grande schema humanitae** du melting lac, you simply had to be there. In other words, It Was Lame-o.

So instead of the detailed, albeit harrowing description of our recent brush with melting ice, I share with you this cool little Blogger thingy I found somewhere. In case you are feeling skeptical or lazy or are reading this blog from jail, where there is typically a three-click cap on internet connections, the link is to a slideshow of all recent photos uploaded to blogs.

It might take a few minutes before the coolness of what you are looking at can be fully appreciated. It's like being a voyeur outside the windows of the world.

*The January weekend with my Circle of Brain will be hard to beat in that regard. And hard to forget, courtesy of video.

**I'm feeling free to just make up some shit, willy nilly. Really.

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