••• Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Candy Friday 

Bloom With a View

I found this in a tree, just outside my front door.

Dramatapod Elementarus
This rare species makes its annual migration through our region, but this is the first time I have ever seen it, up close.

Day 2. Apparently they know not the meaning of "traveling light." Please click for details.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Trees

That there is a bit o'somethin' that tumbled from my own family tree. The sibling branch. It was her birthday, this week. That is her birthday hat. She wore it while shopping at Costco. It plays music while a little pointy thing pops in and out of a hole in the top, in a very creepy, Freud-Would-Crap-His-Pants kinda way. ::If you click, you can see the pokey thing starting its poke-up.::

Sometimes I wonder if our family tree should see a tree surgeon. I hear they are opening branches everywhere.

It Doesn't Always Sock to be Me.

That nipple-esque item on the left toe is the result of a kitchener malfunction. It seems I cannot kitchener if there is any kind of distraction in the room. You know, stuff like radio, TV, oxygen.

Brain Train

Tomorrow I am heading to Traverse City to join and complete the Circle of Brain.::We recently have recognized that each of us possesses only partial brain capacity,but when we're all together,we create one complete brain. This allows each of us to walk without falling down, and stuff. Or if we do fall down, we can get up. If we want.::

Hopefully I can make it in time tomorrow, to save Kellie from getting lost in a coffee shop, or Sue in a bathroom, or Kristi from knitting a sweater with no neck hole. In the meantime, think good thoughts for a safe trip for them, tonight. Or at least think good thoughts for keeping Kristi out of the navigational loop.

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