••• Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Pictures Have Small Ears. 

Dial-up at the cottage this weekend, per usual, did not allow me to upload any pictures to blogger. Adding insult to injury this time around, the part-time AOL-Slum-Lord-aka-pizza-slinger-aka-local-Notary-Public would neither allow me access to Flickr or Ravelry. I know.

The upside is that I had more time to relax and just be.

Therefore, because they also need time to relax and just be, the following pictures are presented to you in their purest form.

Sans the word. Much.

Silence is Bolden
::You are heartily encouraged to click to embiggen. And I mean it, this time.::

Edit Note: The only retouching the sunset pictures endured was the slight darkening of the silohuettes (Spelling? Fuckme. Having spent most of today's re-entry period at a med center, color me Not in The Mood. ) of the kids, to hide clothing details. The rest is really what we saw. It was breathtaking to the point that I had to force myself to stop looking to take pictures.

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