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Free Range Randoms 

Do These Excuses Make My Butt Look Big?
I had every intention of posting on Wednesday. Really. But waaay last week before, I wrote a rather lengthy post which encompassed all bloggable thoughts that were in my possession at the time.

When all was said and done, I decided it was just too much of a good thing and thought to chunk said post, by cutting a section and saving it for another day. Kind of like doubling a recipe and putting half in the freezer.

But I cannot find it. The chunk. Instead of putting it in the freezer, I seem to have thrown it in the trash. Or left it out for the cat to have her way with. It even had pictures that were unique to the topic, which I have since disposed of. I've actually been trying to think of some way to blame my husband for this, but I cannot come up with any connection to him, at this time.

So, here I sit.
What to say...What to say?

::I have recently been assigned a meme by The Wilk, but since I already have a topic for today, which happens to be a discussion about how I have no topic today, I'm going to save the MEME for another day, when I'm really desperate.::

What to say...

Oh yeah...Sick, My Eye.
I was home two days this week with the Cakers, who was suffering a bout of the Pink Eye. The good thing about Pink Eye is that it doesn't really render a child sick, so there are no late night hurlings or hours of sorrowful malaise on the couch. The bad thing about Pink Eye is that it really doesn't render a child sick, so the child wants to go outside and play with friends. Except she can't.

I did let her go out, but had to repeatedly scold her when I caught her playing with friends. This made her feel like the neighborhood scourge that she was, which was hard for her, being such a social beast, with a tender heart. I finally agreed that she could sit in the cherry tree with her friends, with the understanding there would be no exchange of eyeball fluids.

There is one other bad thing about Pink Eye. Trying to successfully place eye drops into an unwilling eyelid of a six year old.

Man oh man.

And I admit to displaying a fair share of Bad Momma over the course of several hours, as I vascillated from sweet cajoling to pleading to yelling and finally forbiding any activity outside of breathing and toileting, until she succumbed.

And Lawd knows that she tried, as indicated by her making repeated claims to be ready and willing to try it again, but over and over, she simply could not hold her eye lid open, once she saw the tube approaching. The couple of times she mustered the courage to leave it open, she instinctively pushed my hand away with her other hand. It was as though she had dueling operating systems. Each session concluded with her in tears.

And then I had an idea.

Good Wiki.
Good Momma.

Soon the girl was all smiling pink orbs and outside digging in the dirt. And the best thing of all? She now thinks I'm a genius.

Here's a sock I'm working on. It's almost done, but I don't have an updated picture. This was taken in the car over Memorial Weekend. I like the lighting in a car on a sunny day, for knit photos. Don't you?

While trying to find he perfect light and angle, I propped the sock for a shot against my husband's arm. Notice the bicep? He popped that just seconds after he felt the sock on his arm. Such a guy. And versatile, too.

Reason Number 643 That All 4 of My Friends Live Out of Town.
Or, Random Acts of Goofy.

I love riding in the speedboat. Over the past few years I have wished for a way to share the experience of speedboat riding with you, my reader(s). Now that I have my new purse/boat/car/walk camera, I hoped to have found the perfect medium for sharing my beloved boat ride.

I don't know if it was too windy or too choppy or maybe I'm just a holey vessel for naive optimism (i.e. stupit) but let's just say I will not post the video of the boat ride. I hate the thought of you getting seasick on your keyboard, for a couple of reasons.

When we slowed down for minute, I took the opportunity to find out if I could video myself on a boatride while looking like a complete moron.

Operation Successful.

::It was really cold in the front of the boat, which is why I am bundled so.::
::I don't know why there are two video windows.::

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