••• Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Slew 

Last week, while shopping for shower invitation accrouements, I came across a camera sale at Office Depot and ended up buying this, in a display model, for about 83 bucks.

And yes, I do already have a camera. A very nice, huge-ass camera, that takes wonderful pictures. But,as I explained to my husband, that camera does not fit in a pocket or purse for impromptu exposures.

The main reason I wanted a smaller camera was to take along on walks.

Tonight I took my new baby on her first excursion. She did not disappoint.

I came across these tulips just down the street, with the sun at a perfect angle to set them aglow. ::Please click to embiggen. Especially the sceney greeny ones.::

My usual walk route takes me through a neighborhood that is on a swampy inlet, of a nearby lake.

And if you're really good, I might even pull a third post from my butt this weekend.

Absolutely the right thing to do. I obsessed a looooonnnnggg time over gettting a digital SLR vs. something I could carry. I finally looked at reality. I have an EOS and a Rebel film cameras. I carry the Rebel because it got thrown in my purse and was light. So, I have no digital SLR, though at times I REALLY lust after one, but I do have a Canon Powershot SD870 and I lurve it mightily. It goes everywhere with me in its little electric pocket camera case from Photojojo and I am a happy camper.
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