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Salamugundi Monday:* The Wednesday Edition 

I finished one Tidepool sock for my mother-in-law. And my kitchener was impeccable, if I say so myself.

It actually is a pretty cool little stitch, in all its simplicity; and at its appreciably best, stretched across a foot.

I also closed the toe on Cakers' second Simply Lovely Lace Sock, finally. And yeah, that toe's got nip.

Evidently I finished the socks in the nip of time, because she's nearly outgrown them. In fact, I about needed a boot horn and butter just to get them over her insteps.

Sigalamundi Freudi
This is a picture of the back window of my son's car.

Indeed, that is a roll of toilet paper.

A few days ago there were two rolls of toilet paper.
Side by side.

Curious as to what a 21 year-old couch tumor would have done with a roll of toilet paper from his car, I asked him what happened to it.

He: I was out.

Me: Out where?

He: Out of toilet paper, in my bathroom.

Me: We have lots of toilet paper in the linen closet.

He: But I knew right where to go to get it. I was in a hurry.

Me: So it was easier to run down the stairs, out the door and across the street to your car, than to take the 2 steps from your bedroom door, to the linen closet?

He: Yeah. Why?

Me: I guess my bigger concern is that you've been driving around for weeks now with toilet paper, silverwear, shower curtain rings and a Johnson Brothers ironstone soup bowl in your back window, with no concerns.

He: Why do you care what I have in my window anyway? Because I sure don't.

Doh. Ya know what? He's right. If he doesn't care, why should I?

So, in a gesture of goodwill, I left him a couple of gifts.

And if he craps his pants in surprise and joy, he's got everything he needs right there.

*When I started the post, it was Monday.

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