••• Friday, July 25, 2008

Fricasse Friday 

This Monday past, early morning, I uploaded pictures for this post, with every intention of completing said post. You see, after last week's Betty Cracker Woe Cake* Bake off, I was feeling a bit on the upswing. Cabana's car was out of the shop on Friday, fixed up all perty, minus the nail the shop manager found in a tire which was fixed yesterday.

Monday my replacement credit cards came in the mail, which meant I was once again Real. As was my Paypal account. Having new account numbers in hand also meant I could access my account on line and print a copy of the fraudulent charges for the detective to investigate.

And now that I had a car, I could transport myself to the nearest DMV and get my stolen driver's license replaced. And maybe visit the nearby mall to buy a purse.

Also, this Friday (today, actually) was to be the first day of a week long vacation at the cottage. With the scheduling restrictions of Not-the-Cabana's new job, we've been very eager to get up there for longer than a weekend.

In sum: This Monday past, early morning, I was feeling a bit full of my Inner Optimist.

The post in question was to be brimming with the joy of a brand new day, in a brand new week, complete with two brand new FO's. And then I put it off for a few hours. The writing. To get some chores done. Once the chores were done, I thought I could write with wildly blissful, giggly abandonment. Yeah. It was that good.

Then Monday past, I learned some valuable lessons, as follows:
1) If you wait too long to write about how well things are going, things will change.

2) Only a person blogging from an alternate universe** and/or from the hole in his/her own hind end*** would ever consider writing a post about optimism in relation to a visit to the DMV.

3) Same as item #2. Replace visit to the DMV with any dealing with a credit card company.

4) Considering items 1-3, you have no right to be surprised when Not-The-Cabana calls from work to tell you that the boss misread his vacation request and thought he was only taking Friday off and all freakin' H is breaking out at the shop and it is the worst possible time to take a vacation, but if he works all day and all night at home (without compensation, he's on salary.) and maybe commutes one day from the cottage, we can still go.****


Happiness, Thy Name is an Effin O
I made a skirt for Cakers. It's called Skirtsicle

I made it out of recycled Den-im-it, and it is one of my designated tasks for Mission Possible '08. It looks really cute on her and this picture doesn't do it justice. I did take a much better picture of her in it. I took it just as we were leaving for the movies that Sunday. Then I put the camera in my purse. ::I hate that I lost my camera, and hate even more that the bastids have a picture of my sweet girl.::

I Be the Effin' O Ho'.
This is a hat I started a couple of years ago. It's Aquarius, from the Knitter's Stash book.

This too was a Mission Possible designation. The yarn is Classic Elite Alpaka something. And yes, the cables don't line up. I guess it's not a good idea to let a project simmer for two years, without related notes.

I don't care. It's done.

Today's Eye Candy is a tribute to my lost camera Baby Hewie, whose time in my grasp was far too short. I miss him every day.

The following shots were taken over the course of several walks in the neighborhood.

Good-bye Little Buddy. Fence in Peace.

*It's a Ravelry Rubbernecker's thing.

**I'm at the cottage right now. On High Speed Internet. In-laws got a special deal. It's faster than home. It's like surfing with Astro-Glide. w00t! ::I can't believe I just typed w00t.::

***Please see item **

****Not-the-Cabana cranked it all week, day and night. No commute is necessary for our vacation, although he may need to work a few hours from up here and send in his work via the high speed internet. w0...erm, never mind.

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