••• Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vacation Summery 

Days fly gone
On a Solstice rocket.

Ma Nature empties
Her candy pocket.

And little girl grown
Is off her docket.

Look Under There
Except for a few more squeezes from the lake before departing for home later today, my 10 day vacation at the lake is over.

And I'm okay with it being over, because it was spectacular.

In fact, my vacation was so great that six days into it I was out of clean underwear. All 14 pair. I know. Please don't hate me.

Seeing as how the lake water is currently a temperate 74 degrees and the air a balmy 79, I refuse to spend a minute more of the smidge of vacation that remains, sitting in front of this tube telling you all about it. No offense. For the record, this philosophy would also apply to my not having posted all last week, despite the accessibility of astro-glide internetz.

So, the rest of the story will have to wait until tomorrow. Or so.
For now, I got a date at the end of the dock with a Fly Girl.

And I'm going commando.

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