••• Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall EquiNuts 

Into The Darkness.
Over the Labor Day weekend at the cottage, I started an End of Summer post. But instead of finishing the post, I went on a float. On a lake. ::Had you been in my position, I'm sure you'd've done the same.:: And then I went home. And then I went to work. And then my daughter started 2nd grade. Complete with homework every day. But with beautiful weather, she'd rather play. And then my husband took a second job. Working evenings. In the basement. So close. And yet, not so much. So I cook alone. And co-parent with a voice from the basement. A voice that belongs up here. And who misses us as much as we do it. And then there was more stuff. To blog. And still, I didn't. And don't. I couldn't. And can't. And yet the stuff keeps coming. And doing. And is still with me. Somewhere. Floating in my brain, like half-witted ghosts heading for the light. But get distracted by the moths. And mayflies. And grandma's Jim Dandies. With whom they share the well-lit path. To nowhere. Or is it Russia? Anyway. Seeing as how these half-wits can't seem to blog themselves out of an open Ritalin bottle, I blog The Undead. The Post That Won't Die. The Booger That Won't Flick.

What I Did
I am not sure of the proper procedures for blogging the undead, and ended up just spraying it with a lovely vanilla bean air freshener, then deleting a bunch of text.

But I saved the pictures.
Hoping they'd tell a story.
Kind of schizy.
About summer gone.
And all the things I still wanted to do...

...Like take a boat ride in our jammies.

Bake a peach pie.

And blueberry.

And share the recipe. Well seasoned.

Take a bus downtown to the Children's Museum.
Where we bubbled.

And magnetized.

And stretched our legs.

I wanted to take more pictures.
Off Auto.
Without a net.

I really like that one. Even though the exposure is wrong, it seems like the colors all go together. And the rafts floating at the end of the dock, which I didn't even notice until last night. And the minute texture in the overexposed (eek!) water.

The End.

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