••• Sunday, October 19, 2008

From Whine And Woeses 

To Shine And Poses
Due to Unforeseen Circumstances involving good sleep, great company and splendiferous surroundings, The Marcy May Show of Woe has been temporarily suspended.

Thursday afternoon I received an email at work from my husband, announcing that the contract work he has been slaving over on evenings and weekends at home, has been put on hold, so would I like to go to the cottage for the weekend?

Boy Howdy, would I.

In fact I was so in need of this weekend, that the mere suggestion of it in the email made my eyes well up a bit. ::Not a good thing. Nothing scares the masses more than seeing the soshel werker crying.::

At the wisk of the wongful waising of woe, I will say that it had been a hellacious week. And I have no idea how I was able to get out of work on time Friday, to drive across town to pick up Cakers at school at the bell, and get home to pack small enough to get all our items into one laundry basket and two small bags, by 5:00, without anybody getting hurt, drunk or arrested. ::We had to all squeeze into my smallish SUV. With a dog. This is because my husband's hatefully huge SUV (but remarkably wonderful for travel) is in the body shop. Again. But we'll wave that wand of woe another day.::

We started the day on Saturday with a lovely sleep in. Well, at least I did. 10.5 hours total. Then we headed out for a days' adventure.

First stop was the river, to watch wild monkey sex amongst the native fish. Well, I think it was more like foreplay, which appears to involve nothing more than rubbing fins and kicking up muck. But we did see two huge salmon frolicking about and appearing ready to, um get nesty.

As you can see by the Cakers' non-verbals. These were big fish.

Yeah, that big.
::Actually they were bigger than that. Really. About 3 feet long. No, really.::

Next stop was Lake Michigan.

::Per usual, embiggenment is encouraged on all shots.::

Then it was on to Frankfort for some lunch and eye candy.

A quick stop by the Dollar Store netted me this beauty.

A mere buck eighty-seven.
Don't hate me.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
I went for a walk, and made lots of f-stops.

After a dinner of hotdogs cooked over the fire, Cabana and Cakers sat around the firepit while I wrapped up what remained of daylight, with a big dusky bow.

::Please make that last one bigger. It's my favorite of the day.::

I'm sorry for all the bandwidth suckage, but believe you me, today's show is but a smidge of the over 500 shots I took yesterday. Umm yeah. 500. Everything but the moon shot and one shoe was taken using manual settings. I'm still not able to remember what settings go with what view, but I am getting the hang of knowing at least where to start experimenting.

While tooling around the lakeshores, I played around with the video function on my purse camera, and ended up sticking it out the open sunroof for some excelerated foliage footage. It wasn't until near the end (the point where I stop singing, and try to remember if I was singing the whole time) when I realized that I was on to something here, and this video might be shareworthy. Otherwise I definitely would NOT have been singing along. And for the assault on your ears, I apologize up front. I still can't get over how nasal I sound whenever I hear myself on these clips. I even thought of taking out the sound, but I think the Steppenwolf makes it work. Therefore, I forgo ego. You're welcome. ::It loses some visual quality through blogger. Go figger.::

::And I still don't know why two video thingies show up. I think only one works though.::

See you on the other side.

P.S To all my Ho's (including My Little Ida-Ho. Love you!) to whom I owes emails and loves and affections and commitments and beyond. I have not forgotten you. It's been hard out there. I keep sitting down to write but I only have time for one at a time, and then I feel guilty writing one and not the other, then I turn off the computer and go to bed. I'm hoping that My Life as I Knew It will show up on my stoop any day. Broke and bedraggled, no doubt. But she will be mine and I will take her in and make for her a grilled cheese sammich, then slap her once upside the head, and send her to bed.

P.P.S. I didn't spell check and I know there are errors glaring. But I only have a few hours left in the weekend, so it's all you get for now. Cuz I'm gonna giddy up.

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