••• Sunday, November 02, 2008

Creatures from the Bog of Blog 

I think I have finally figured out why I haven't been able to blog, well, aside from the near constant demands of work and home, which seem to cease only when I sleep. But whenever I am able find a patch of spare chair, and put some thoughts to font, I am unable to produce. And it's not like I'm suffering from a dearth of material. In fact, I have started several posts over the past few weeks, on topics I perceive to contain high levels of Content of Interest.

But once the writing is underway, I find that I have more Content than Interest, so I set it aside for later. In the meantime, another Content of Interest would arise, and I'd end up with another half-baked post set aside for later.

It's now later. And here I am, blog bogged.

So what is the mystery?
I lost The Story.

I know I just said I have plenty of stories. Coming up with a story is easy these days. All I have to do is wake up.

The Story is not A Story. The Story is the great spirit of stories. It is the synthesizer. It provides the relevancy, and sticks it all together.

The Story is the context.
The mainframe.
The egg in the meatloaf.

Where did it go and how do I get it back?

In the meantime, I have found an alternate, albeit labor-intensive method of updating you on life events over the past few weeks, with no apparent relevance required. ::But how would I know, really? Without...well, you know.::

From Wags to Witches
At least I haven't lost my camera.

I didn't get to apply the final touches of cragginess because at 6:00, my little witch flew out the door to meet up with her friends for trick or treating. It was, of course, still broad daylight.

After she was home for the night, The Cakers did apologize for abruptly running off and leaving me paint brush in hand. She quickly snatched said apology out of the air before it had time to land with: "But Audrey said you should have started getting me ready earlier. So it's really your fault."

Dementia, take me away...

I Haven't Lost my Paypal, Either.

I was finally able to snag some swag from Dizzy Blonde Yarns. It's sock yarn in the Scarlett Tragic Cherry colorway. Between the richness of color and heft of skein, I am compelled to take off all my clothes, toss the skein on the floor, and commence to rolling right in it.

You'll be happy to know that all personal bits remained under wraps, and the yarn was put away in a safe place. Because I am committed to obligatory knitting projects through New Years (Never again!, it's really better this way.

Speaking of oyster fork laden orifices, I'll update on knit knuggets knext post.

That was a moving and touching documentary of your life. There were parts that brought tears to my eyes. Like the rental short bus.

I only wish you lived in my neighborhood.

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