••• Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stress Enough to Crocus All 

These pictures were supposed to be posted yesterday, for Eye Candy Friday. So how about you play along?

I have not been around here much because I have many burdens of the employment variety, the brain-suckage-ness of which has struck me dumb and dumber.

Tired and tired-er.

Bitch and bitchier.

And I really don't want to talk about it.

It's as though I've reached a saturation point, and the warm, moist substance that continues to fall on my head now goes pretty much unnoticed, except for the occasional smear I find inside my shoe.

And I really don't want to talk about that.

Itty Bitty Booty Committee
I have no idea why this picture is sideways.


This is all the knitting that has been accomplished around here over the last four weeks. Two tiny socks. And I only finished the last one today, so I could add a picture for this post.

The Specs...

Pattern: Ribbed sock pattern, made wee-wee tiny.
Yarn: Leftover brownish blend sock yarn.

Otherwise, I don't want to talk about it.

What Once Was Ingenue, is Now Old Again.
In the time I have spent on the knit, unknit and reknit of Ingenue, I could have bred, birthed and raised up my own baby sheep to adulthood, and then knit her and her mother a matching mother-daughter sweater set.

And what I have to show for all that, is not a lot.
And after that, I don't want to talk about it.

The New Face(book)of Friendship and the Spoiling of Time.
Yeah. I joined. Under pressure. I kinda don't get it, but that doesn't keep me from looking at my page several times an hour a day, checking and rechecking for FB's special purpose to be revealed.

Two things I am greatly enjoying about FB: 1) Smartassing via comments with my handful of friends. 2)I stalked out my best friend from middle school and we've been having fun catching up. She is one of the happiest "friendship" memories of my life (yeah, the whole 50 years of it) and the cadence and tone of her written communications feel like home to me. She lives near the cottage and we're hoping to meetup some time over the next few months.

I think a part of me was expecting FB to be like blogging, but more interactive. But it isn't, and never can be. And that's a good thing.

And about the potential (ha) time suck and triggers for latent, obsessive behavior patterns...I don't want to talk it.

Wrapper Up In a Butterfly Net
One thing I can say about blogging that I am appreciating at this moment is the freedom to create obscure subject headings.

Anyway. I certainly have more to talk about, but I am trying hard not to Barf the Brain, as I am wont to do in these increasingly infrequent posts.

So, g'day.

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••• Friday, March 06, 2009

Eye CanDeny Friday 

Work continues to march run back-to-back wind sprints across my ass. In cleats.

Between my day job, parent job, cook job, wife job and night-job-writing-reports-for-the-day-job, I find myself in a perpetual state of denial.
Of all things pleasure.

No knitting.
No Photography
No beading.
No drinking.
Some lying.
About the drinking.

I'm tired.
I'm stressed.
My thoughts write checks my brain can't cash.

Therefore II:
I'm living beyond my Cognitive Means.

Therefore I Found Myself:
Last night.
Working on a report at home.
In the office.
At a desk.
With a computer.
And a lamp.
And beads.
45 degrees to the right.

Next Thing:
I know, my chair has swiveled 45 degrees to the right.
Within minutes, I am knuckle deep in a beading frenzy.

And the Next, Next Thing:There are pictures of the ensuing beadacle.

Send Brain.

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