••• Friday, April 24, 2009

Better Than a Stick in the Eye. Candy. Friday. 

While on a walk at the cottage a couple weeks back, I found some pussy willow branches along the road. I never really understood the big attraction, but my mom always loved them. And as a child, to bring her a fistful of fur-nugget switches, guaranteed at least a couple of hours of good favor.

It must have been out of habit then, that I spent several minutes wrestling with the branches, to twist them free. Back at the cottage I put them in a vase and set them on the table. An hour later, I noticed the sun shining on them, through the window, which gave me the idea to take some pictures. After a round of duds inside the cottage, I brought the vase to porch. And those pictures were better.

And moving them to the sand was even better.
Then we went closer to the water.
Then we were practically in the water.

Next thing you know, we have a lovely spray of pussy spring on the beach.

The Bub Electric

Last week I posted this picture of the kids chasing and popping bubbles. A few days ago I noticed something weird around this girl's right hand. Upon closer inspection I realized that I caught a shot of the bubble as it disintegrated on her fingertips. I just wish it were a bit clearer.

Sorry for the yawner post, but I tired.


Pussywillows have always been in the "okay-whatever" category for me. I understand people like them, but I never got it.
Forsythia, now, is a whole different ballgame...
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