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Spring Break of the Hairline Fracture Variety 

Limping Through Life With Two Left Eyes. And I Ain't Lion.
Tuesday night we took Cakers to see The Lion King on campus at Michigan State. Of course, it was spectacular. At least that's what I hear. No, I was there, but for some reason I couldn't see the characters very clearly, despite my having put in brand clean contact lenses that day, as well as there being not a bad seat in the house of The Wharton Center.

The next day I put those same contacts in my eyes before driving Cakers to her grandparents' house for a sleepover. Three blocks into the excursion I realized that my vision was not so crisp and clean. I certainly could see cars and stop lights, so we weren't in any real danger. I did miss the turnoff to my in-laws' sub division, but that is a routine event. You see, their subdivision is named Hidden Hills, and I fall for it every time.

Once home, I checked the packaging from which I took my lenses the night before. Oops. I am near sighted, so my left eye lens is considerably weaker than my right, which allows for me to read things close up. That night, I put left eye lenses in both eyes.

No wonder I mistook the Momma Lions for polar bears.

It's the Little Stuff. And Stuff.
I realize I've been pretty whiney around here over the past few months. So today I'm going to find some good stuff to talk about.

Following is a list of some little things that have been good to me:
1) What's this here sauce? Worcestershire Sauce. My mom always had a 3/4 full bottle in her fridge, which she would eventually throw out, 3/4 full. Over the years I ended up following that same pattern, buying it for one recipe, and throwing the rest away a year later.

Not anymore. I've gone through at least 2 bottles in the last six months. I lurve it. It's especially wonderful on Crock Pot pot roast. You get browning without browning.

2) Eta Zeta, and I'm really full. In Fact, I couldn't Eat an Iota of Another Bite.. Cavender's Seasoning

The food page editor of our local newspaper recently shared that this seasoning is a key element of her kitchen repetoire. I had never heard of it. I'm on my second container since Christmas.

3) The Simple White Blouse. I've never had good luck with the plain white blouse. Being of smallish frame with biggish boob, it was always hard to find the right fit. If it fit the boobs, it was big in the shoulder or too blousy at the waist. If it fit the shoulders, I was indecently exposed. Last fall I found the perfect white blouse at Kohl's. It has a touch of spandex, so it fits right, in all the wrong places. I've been wearing it to death, since then, and it has opened up a few corners of my closet that have not been available to me for awhile.

That's my Mondo tank that was a bit too bulky to wear sleeveless. Since buying this blouse it has become a favorite in my wardrobe rotation.

3) Dewy, Dewy, Dewy Dew you Love Me? A few weeks back Mariko reviewed some lotion she bought on Ebay from a Korean vender. I ended up following Mariko's link to a blog, where other products from this vender were reviewed. One item caught my eye.

It's a foundation that automatically adjusts to your skin tone color, with fair warning that it works best with fair skin. Which would be me, yes, the same She of Dark Hair and Brow.(I can't tell you how many times I've argued with the overdressed, dummern-a-box-of-clouds Clinique drone wanting to put medium toned foundation on me. I always give in, of course, only because I really enjoy the ensuing moment of silence, just before the apology.)

Anyway. I bought some. And I love it. I think it's the best foundation I've worn since turning old. Or older. It's moist without slime, it minimizes wrinkles, and leaves my skin looking all dewy. In fact, I wasn't really sure what "dewy skin" meant. But now I do. The service was great too.

And not only my skin look better, my entire future is looking mighty fine.

Speaking of a trouble-free future, my husband just got home from work and is now reading this over my shoulder. ::This would have irritated me to no not that long ago, but since my No More Trouble existence, irritation just rolls off my dewy skin.:: I'm pretty sure he is reading for clues as to how ready (i.e. packed) we are to leave for the cottage this afternoon.

So, I better get going. I'm pretty sure that the definition of No More Trouble has its limitations.


Yay for the Asian make-up aisle!

I will look for the Cavendars.

You should look for Goya Criollo marinade. I am on my second bottle since Christmas.

Glad things are going happily!
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