••• Friday, June 26, 2009

Eye('m Still Around) Candy Friday 

Stem Cell Research
We're on the last couple days of a week at the cottage. The weather has been beautiful, every day. A few days it was almost too hot, but we have managed to survive.

I had meant to write a real post by now, but seriously, between Facebook Farming and Family Fun Features, there has been no time. Okay, I confess: I've been blowing my internet wad on Facebook. It's just too easy. And fun. Not that you guys aren't fun. But I'm not giving up the blog, I promise. I plan on getting back to writing. I just need to get...um...my ass off Facebook. In the meantime, you can find me over there under my Ravelry name(pssst..over on the left). I have been blowing my photo wad over there too, and I do have some cool vacation shots, some of which I will get around to posting over here.

In the meantime, please enjoy these fresh, Michigan strawberries, but first, pass the cream.

••• Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's been well over a month since I posted.
I am wont to confess, I have been remiss.

For those who have asked,I appreciate the concern.

I am fine.
I am good.
I am twirling.


Twirling is something I do in my head. It's kind of like a little tornado, but much kinder. Much like a tornado, when I'm twirling I pick up things in my brain and look them over. And go round and round in a gentle twirl, then a dip, then a swirl.

Then,just like a tornado drops a cow into an urban parking lot, I will suddenly drop the item and pick up another. Unlike a tornado, during a good twirl there is actually productive activity taking place. Thinking. Sometimes it takes awhile for me to see the final product, or be able to even identify it. But twirling is good work, if you can get it.

Also unlike a tornado, when I am twirling, it appears that I am doing absolutely nothing. No blogging. No knitting. No superglueing digits to small mammals or large purses. You will see and hear nothing, so gentle is the twirl.

And that is where I've been.

I have had a post in the works for over a month now. Unfortunately, said content is still relevant today and growing by the day. For that reason alone, I must get it out of my queue, and into publication.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a month's (at least!) worth of Eye Candy Fridays, leftovers from Memorial Day weekend.

Yes, that is Cakers. Yes, she has grwon. And yes, that boy is trying to sniff her hair. The women in my family have that effect on men. It's both a blessing and a curse.

I am now off to another adventure.
I promise some real dirt, real soon.

••• Friday, May 01, 2009

Sigh Candy Friday 

The other day after work, I found myself skulking around the neighbor's yard, with camera in hand, butt in the air.

And on this magnificant evening, the light angels were with me.

LaVernal, Surely
Later that same evening, I saw another potential photo op playing out on the street, so grabbed my zoom lens and ran out to shoot. Much to my chagrin (and concern), my camera's autofocus suddenly stopped working. While not catastrophic in terms of overall camera function, with my failing eyesight, being limited to only manual focus would be inconvenient at best and a kill shot at worst.

I was not able to catch the shot I ran outside for, so commenced with obsessing and fussing and mussing with the buttons, in a futile attempt to resume my focus on the world. Every time I tried a new remedy, I took a sample shot. While none of them worked, shoot was not a total bust.

Apparently I can focus all by myself. Without use of psycotropic medication, or auto focus function. All for good of the cause: Growth

P.S. I charged my camera battery, in case it was too low to run the autofocus motor, but it didn't help. Then I got out my manual and learned that I had inadvertantly switched the camera over to manual focus, apparently while in a photographic frenzy. And I am once again happily dependent on the focus of others. So let's hear it for stunted growth.

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