••• Monday, October 11, 2004

Mist Opportunities

The weekend at the lake was wonderful. It rained most of Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were the sort of fall days so magnificent with color and texture and smell, that you’re kind of afraid to look ‘em full in the face, lest you break the spell.

Soft and Sweet...
...and nearly complete. I just need some attention grabbing buttons and this little nugget will be wready for wrappage.

Thanks for the kind comments on it. And again, I highly recommend this pattern (Flax Jax, from Minnies) for a quick, last minute little sumthin'.

I finished the sweater last night, while watching Lawn Order: ICU ICU P UCmeP, 2? CI. The rest of the weekend I worked squarely harder on the afghan garter. I only have six squares to go. Be still my heaving breasts.

When this afghan of 35 garter squares is done, I expect to be inducted directly into the Widhof (Wifely Duty Hall of Fame), with high honors, even (For duties stealthily performed above and beyond and below the afghan. ...That northern air...::sigh::)

And if I'm not done with this piece soon, I'll be inducted into a different kind of hall of fame. Or ward, if you will. Locked and lit low.

Under the Hood
Several years ago I ran into an old beau. At that time, I was driving a Camry station wagon, a model which slightly resembled a popular Swedish make. The next time I saw this ex, amidst the small talk he blurted "Are you still driving a Vulva?"

Yeah, but I'm slowing her down, a bit. How 'bout you?

I got a uvula, you got a uvula, she's got a uvula, all God's children got a uvula. -Barney Fife, to Andy

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