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From the Wattam-Eye-Chopped-Liverace? File
I have arrived, my friends. Teresa has tagged me (yes, this me, the very one) to participate in the music meme. You’d think after two weeks of drooling at the bottom of approximately 15,000 tagged knitblogs (yes, that green slime was de moi), I’d have something ready, but I guess that would be like the Punch Bowl server shaving her legs on prom night.

So, without further adieu...
1.Total amount of music files on computer:
Ummm...I don't know because I can't find them. I had free AOL Music download for a month and don’t know where they, uh, downloaded to. I do remember being thrilled at finding Todd Rundgren's “Parallel Lives.”

2. Last CD you bought: Old Crow Medicine Show and Snoop Dogg.

3.Last song you listened to before reading this message: (Rock me mama, like a) “Wagon Wheel,” Old Crow Medicine Show.

4. Five songs that mean a lot to you: Peter Gabriel, “In Your Eyes,” Van Morrison, “Into the Mystic” , Jackson 5 “I’ll Be There”, Everything But the Girl, “Missing,” Counting Crows- “Anna Begins”

5. Three people to whom this will be passed on…. No one. I think this one’s been played out.
Extreme Meme Theme
Yeppers, another one. From La.
1. Do you knit continental or English? English. But here’s a weird thing…My mom learned to knit in high school. After getting married, she quit knitting and took up breast feeding. A few months ago, she decided to take it up again (knitting, not breast feeding) and called me for some beginneresque advice.

Through the course of our discussion, my mom said “Well, I learned to knit the wrong way, from my home ec. teacher, who was from Germany. People would always tell me I was knitting wrong, so it kind of took the fun out of it."

So, I’ve been knitting the dorky English method for 18 years, having no idea my own mother is a dyed in the wool continental. I told her that her method is coveted by many of us English dorks, who have been unable to switch brain paths. She didn’t believe me.

::See how I am? I can’t even complete a simple questionnaire without blathering….::

2. How long ago did you learn to knit? My Dutch Granny taught me when I was about 10, but boy, was that ugly. After knitting The Incredible Widening Scarf, I quit knitting until 1987, when a friend at work re-taught me.

After about 3 months on the needles, I was teaching that same friend how to do cables and color work. I knit 13 sweaters in one year. I would stay up until 2 am to perform some butt ugly finishing on a piece I would proudly wear to work a few hours later. Without the distraction of the internet or a happy marriage (I was still married to the first guy) I guess I had lots of time on my hands. ::Okay, I think I figured out why I've not been meme tagged 'til now. Because I can't just answer a frickin' question without a life story. I've turned into my mother. ::

5. First FO? Officially, probably that scarf. My first official garment was a two piece, capped sleeve type t-shirt sweater. It fit me like a dream. I wore it to death.

6. Favorite yarn? Alpaca blends.

7. Favorite pattern? The Diamond Lace shawl pattern from the Lion Brand site.

8. Favorite pattern source? Knitty, Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits. Both Rowan’s “A Season’s Tale” and “A Treasury of Knits” have reserved spots in my WIP future.

9. Favorite needles? My Denise’s, definitely. But two years ago, I would’ve called you a “lyin’ ass ho” and spit in yo eye if you would’ve tried telling me this would be true, today. I used to never, ever knit on plastic, and used circs only for collars. Before Denise, my favs were Ebony.

10. Nicest thing you’ve ever knit? Hard to say, mostly because I haven’t knit, er, finished that many nice things. I guess the Aran for the Cakers is up there. Must Have Cardie…the Diamond Shawl. I can’t pick.

11. Most hated project? Easy. The garter square afghan. I don’t know what was worse, the miles and miles of garter stitch, or the hours and hours to months and months of my husband’s whining for his blankie.

12. Who are you going to pass this on to? Heather because she’s funny and I think she needs a little more attention. Go find her post on stealing a smoke while at a swim meet, between heats, in her swimsuit.. Kim, because she’s a dear and she’s busy and maybe can use a quick-n-dirty post topic and because I fear she will soon run out of cool photos to post. And Bron, because we started out on this blog journey together and she knits like a rabbit in heat. Well, rabbits don't knit, but I think you know what I'm thumping about. And I’m sorry if this is a repeat upon any of y’all. I have the attention span of a flea, on a rabbit in heat.

Another World
I’m posting this from the cottage, in great Northern Michigan, where we’re enjoying a four day weekend. Eric has some work to do, but Sunday we’re hoping to hit the slopes. The cottage is about 15 minutes from this place, where I'll ski, my husband will "shred" and The Cakers is enrolled in “Adventure Cubs” for the afternoon.

I haven’t skied since I was about 2 days preggers with the Cakers, ::Toomuchinformationahead Warning::who was a little goodbye present from my husband, as I headed off for a girl’s weekend. Anyway, I received a new ski jacket this past Christmas, and Thursday evening, I realized I don’t have a matching hat.

So, I found a pile of yarn and a cool, free pattern on line, and went to town. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so no pictures ‘til Tuesday. But I am using the exact same yarn as is in the pattern picture. The pattern is fun, but it’s not recommended for intense, “get it done” quick knitting. I have the beginnings of a blister on a finger and my hands ache.

Hopefully, I’ll get to that Blaze sleeve any day, now. Regardless, posting may be sparse for the rest of the weekend. But if you're new, or having been here in a while, you got plenty reading here, to keep you occupied.

And I feel like I’m gimp posting without my photo op.

Have great weekends, all.

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