••• Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Broke 

Spring Break is offically here. This morning I woke up with an entirely different crowd than the one I went to bed with.

Speaking of spring, we had temps in the mid 70's yesterday. Twas a beaut.

Allow Me to Ponchificate
(no silver hammer required)

Yeah, I did it. I had to.

And you were quite right, Norma. It took only three shakes of a lambs tail, and I’m a better person for it.

Thanks to everyone who offered observations and advice on my ongoing Blaze sleeve peeve. I think I really just needed to take a little spring break from the thing.

In fact, Kelle, by your comment, I half thought you had been digging around in my brain’s drawer of underthings, until you took me Blaze sleeving to infinity. Okay, maybe in that tiny box, way in the back of the drawer of my brain’s underthings, there is/was that fear/fantasy that the sleeve extravaganza will never end. You win. Again.

Poncho Specs: Pattern is adapted from The Yarn Harlot's. Yarn is Lorna's Laces bulky superwash, accented with Paton's chunky acrylic blend. (Purchased from the Fabulous T-Bear's)

I'll try to get her into the dang thing later, for a picture.

And no, I didn't send the Blaze or the diaphragms (I had no idea there was a "g" spot in that word) to Miss Wane's. Rabbitch was right, the Women of the Cloth have no use for birth control, and I fear what use they'd find for my treasured alpaca.

Broke Spring
I’m revisiting another spring break tradition this week, by catching a case of the Bladder Wrack. Yup. I got the Pissin' Moans. And it’s been a bloody scream.

After an unsuccessful day of attempted home remedies, I finally dragged the burning front of my sorry ass to the Urgent Piss Care center, late last night.* Of course, the only reason I went was for those magic pills. You know, the raison-colored beauties that provide instant solace to the rotting hole, and turn your piss to Paas orange. Actually, the color is more akin to mercurochrome, but gosh darn if I don’t love the allure of alliteration, first thing in the morning.

Well, all this talk of whizzin’ has me needing to go. Literally. We’re heading to the cottage late this afternoon, which means I have things to pack, in addition to orange to piss. Come to think of it, I don’t think my husband’s ever traveled with a wife gone wack with bladder wrack. This trip could forever give PMS a good name, around here.

Melissa and Susie: In that picture of the Cakers (previous post), she is most definitely trying to open the battery encasement on the Sit-n-Spin. Unfortunately, it was not to turn the bloody thing off, but to change the worn out batteries on the blissfully silent beast. For the record, she found the screwdriver on her own, and commenced without parental supervision. Of course, after I took the photo, I gave her a bit of mother's what not.

*There’s a painful saga to be shared from this pis-adventure. Soon as I get a minute. Or two. This spring break be whizzing by. (Gawd, this medication makes me sick. 10 days of it! Yech. I thought I heard that they developed some 3-day treatment for this affliction?)

Have a Wednesday. And please, everyone, Hump with Caution.

P.S. Kim has been having inconsistent difficulty viewing photo images in my posts. If any of you are having similar difficulties, would you please let me know?

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