••• Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Eternally Tankful 

As you can see, no can accuse me of operating on half a tank.

The Two-Timed-Bastardization-Of-Nina is done.
Pattern adapted from: Nina

Adaptations: Instead of the assymetrical-esque block pattern, I went with ribbing all the way up the side. The middle section on the back is all reverse stockinette. On the front, I added five stitches of ribbing in the middle, to visually detract from the ridge riding up mid-nip.

Yarn: Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. Mercerized Cotton. Worsted.

Needle Size: 8

Sweater Size: Large. But on the front, I went with the size small armhole shaping, since I'm only a Large Boob.

What I would do differently, next time: I would make it in a smaller size and add shaping for the tatas. It seems a bit loose around the middle.

The pattern does not call for shoulder or strap shaping on the back, which I would add. With the shapely front straps just attached to a straight line, from the front, it kind of looks like I'm being grabbed by the shoulders, by the varigated swamp thing.

I'd add about an inch to the length. And maybe a cable up the middle, in lieu of the five stitches of ribbing.
When I modeled this for my hubby, his eyes widened and he said "Wow!"

Then: "You finished something!"

::I think I finally figured out the issue with my boobs. They're too big for my head. That's just wrong.::

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