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Momma Meme-a 

For the record, it’s getting much harder to come up with original word plays on the MEME scheme. That being said, Her-Finely-Fur-Tailed Rabbitchness has thumped me for a MEME, and I’m happy to oblige.

Not that I don’t love me a good meme now and again, but the timing on this particular invitation is divine. ‘Cause I got lots going on,and can really use the Get-Out-of-a-Blog-Post-Free card.

Today’s Screming Memie is: Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies. ::When I asked my husband for input on this, his first response was “What's an idiosyncrasy?". After hearing an abbreviated definition, he says “Would that be something like you fixing dinner with a potato chip clip thingy, hanging from the end of your boob thingy?" Uh, no. That’s called A Terrible-Wonderful-Accident-in-the-Pantry-Thingy.::
1) I never finish any cup of coffee. At least one sip before refilling, I dump it. And I leave at least two sips in the cup, when I’m done for the day.

2) If someone says something that triggers a thought about a song, I must spontaneously sing that song, before the conversation can continue. For example, when a toddler of mine would ask to “get down” from the high chair, I’d have to sing (and dance) “Get down, get down….” My brother lived for a time in San Mateo, near the bay. While I was visiting him, we’d go for walks by the bay. He’d say “The tide is high…” and of course, I’d sing. Now, whenever someone says “The tide is high” around my brother, he bursts into Blondie. Then silently curses me.

Sometimes I burst into song after a triggering thought. This is most disturbing to my family. Just before Ana was born, we moved to a big, brick house. A few days after the dust settled, Cam had a friend over. They were eating breakfast and I was doing dishes nearby. As I looked out the front window of my new home, I had a sudden surge of joy,causing me to spontaneously belt out “She’s a brick... hah-owse," much to Cam's embarrassment, and his friend's awkward delight. I was hugely pregnant. Singing brick house, without warning. My boy still brings it up now and then.

The spontaneous song thing is a curse gift I inherited from me mom. We used to challenge her with topics. She always won. Of course, she was a country music buff, which I now understand gave her a considerable edge.

3) When I’m out walking for exercise, and a jogger passes me on the sidewalk, I hold my breath from when the jogger is two sidewalk squares in front of me, until what I guess to be two squares past. I live in a pedestrian community. By that, I mean there are lots of walkers and joggers. One day, what appeared to be a jogging club of some 15-odd people, jogged past me. Slowly. I nearly passed out.

And if someone jogs upon me from behind, I must hold my breath until they are at least three sidewalk squares in front of me. The last time I was out walking, a woman passed me from behind and as I held my breath and counted sidewalk squares, I noticed that her butt crack was eating her shorts and I started laughing, and therefore breathing before the allotted square. I think I might have cured myself.

4) I will continuously edit, revise and/or rewrite a report or document until it’s time to turn it in, regardless of whether or not it is done to apparent perfection. To me, there is always a better word or a better way to turn a phrase or perhaps a vital piece of information unintentionally omitted. Because of this, I cannot complete reports much before the due date. In my line of work, I can't turn in the report until it's been discussed at a meeting, so there's no turning it in early.

It takes me at least 6 attempts to write an acceptable post-it note, to attach to a document. I obsess on wording and spelling and legibility. A scratch-out is an automatic do-over.

5) When nervous or preoccupied or trying to focus, I flick my thumb and my fingers, as though I’m silently counting on them. At important meetings, I do it under the table.
Well, that’s it for today. It seems that this meme has been around the block and since I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reads, I think I’ll pass on passing it on to five people, except for Kim. Otherwise you are hereby invited to Meme yourself.

And speaking of Kim, check out the gorgeous stuff she did on commission for Norma. (towards the bottom of the August 12 post). Yummaroni.

I should have a Knuttin' But Knit post real soon. I have much on my mind these days. It's hard to get stuff out, when I'm in this mode.

Today's ponder: Why does Blogger spellcheck not recognize the word "blog?"


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