••• Monday, November 21, 2005

Knuckin' Futz 

Teresa tagged me for a MEME, as follows:

1. FLIP open a dictionary and point to a word.
2. Type the word into Google images.
3. PICK an image that strikes you.
4. Write a 10 line RIFF off the image.
5. Use the word or the meaning of the word at least once within the first 5 lines of your riff.
6. Tag 3 other bloggers on your list.

Like Teresa, I was a bit confused by the meaning of "Riff." According to Miriam-Webster it can mean A short, succinct, usually witty comment. So let the riffin' get stiffin'.

Every month, when the moon was full, the village elders anointed one eligible bachelor, to escort the sacred pig to the butcher, then assist in its eventual slaughter.

At the conclusion of this deed, the elgible designee was to bring the meat back to the village, where it would be barbequed and served that evening, at the courtship cotillion.

Days turned into weeks, as Clem and the pig futzed about the countryside,trampling generations of rich tradition. When Clem and his pork package had not returned by the next full moon, the elders had no recourse but to pass two new laws. The first law put the entire village on a strict vegan diet. The second mandated that all virgin daughters be given their dowries, and sent away, to live as they please.

Without virgins to marry, or meat to eat, the village people began to die off, or move away. The handful that remained, opened what is now a thriving bed and breakfast, with an adjoining bathhouse and Starbucks.
Futz was the word. Okay, I went over the 10 line spec. And yeah, the piece was neither succinct or clever. So, Pork Me.

And I tag, Sandy and JStrizzy and Gwyn.

Knuttin’ Honeys
I’ve finished the knit portion of the Branching Out scarf, and here it is, Branching Out to block.

Due to my off-balance, preoccupation with symmetry, I decided to knit the scarf in two pieces, which will soon be joined at the stitch.

In other knitting knews, the Vogue cardie is now fully blocked and awaiting final construction.

Knuts and Bolts
My personal and professional schedule over the past two weeks, has sucked some serious, un-pinkened ass. And while it always feels like I have a story or two, batting about my demented belfry, finding the time to actually pitch them, is another matter.

Maybe I can get to it, later this week. After I drive 2 hours, one-way, to pick up my son from college, just before I go to the grocery store, to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, just prior to baking some apple pies, and cleaning the house and fixing Thanksgiving dinner, and cleaning it up, and driving two hours, one-way, to bring my son back to college. Maybe after that.

Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Not lifting weights doesn’t kill me. Therefore, not lifting weights, makes me stronger. Jack Handey


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