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B is for Breathe.
::When it comes to pulling posts outta small dark places, themes are the way to go, I’m telling you..::

This school year I took on some new responsibilities at work. I agreed to this partly because I was tired of feeling overwhelmed by the constant, life-sucking, brain-numbing challenges of my usual responsibilities (which I still carry), and was truly looking for newer, more interesting ways to be professionally sucked out of my mind.

I agreed to it mostly because a superior, who I happen to like and respect,begged asked me in a really pathetic nice way, using the magic words "I need you." "pretty please." ::Not that I'm all that or anything. It's a case of In the village of the blind, the near-sighted pig didn't see it coming until it was too late.::

Truthfully, I am kind of excited about these new professional venues. Each are unique and unrelated to the other and offer totally different leadership opportunities. In one group I'm learning a hell of a lot about speshul ed rules and regs, and in the other, new diagnostic skills.

In relation to my regular workload, these new responsiblities weren't expected to be too taxing. At this moment in time, however, my regular job and the two new assignments are on a time- pressured collison course and feeling like a three-way train wreck about to happen.

The good news is that this is a temporary crisis and should be easily managed by my staying late a couple nights a week, or bringing work home for the next few weeks. No big whoop, right?

Which brings me to the next level of my personal stress strata….

Let’s Get Testical..
You remember that little testie thing I was talking about a while back? The professional licensing exam that's waiting to kick my soc*ial working ass? Since receiving my Permission to Take the Test Verification notice in the mail, several weeks ago, I've been under the impression that I had until Sometime Around the End of March to take it. As in, around 2 months of study time.

The other day I pulled out my verification letter, to get the specific date for Sometime at the End of March. I wanted to find out if it was, like, the 29th or 30th of March. This is important information. Competent people want to know.

So I pull out the letter for a look-see and about lost my mind. Current Examination Authorization Expiration Date: March 10.

B is for Breathe. As in, a vital element for sustaining life.
B is for Bitch. As in, Sonnuva.
B is for Bungling Butthole. As in, that would be me.

Next, I called the national Testical Registration hotline to set an exam date and found out that the latest I can take the test is March 4. Six days before March 10th and several thousand days before Sometime at the End of March.

All along I had planned on studying at work after hours, a couple times a week. With all these new expectations nipping at my ass, I'm thinking I'll be now be working on work work after work, which will put me studying at home into the wee hours. And long off my medication.

Needless to say, I’ll be busy. I’ll be not knitting. Much. Or blogging. Much. Or Blog visiting. The good news is that one of my new assignments will pretty much be over by the End of March. You know, about 14,043 days away.


I have put in 11 hours of study this week and outlined half of one study manual on note cards. Now I’m thinking I should stay off the sauce while working the note cards:

And girls are better at taking testies?

::The card is supposed read "Overtly Aggressive." And yes, there was wine involved. A yummy pinot grigio. Did someone slip me a Freudian Micky?::

::Can someone slip me a Freudian Micky?::

::Any Micky?::

Shawl Enough
I redid the ruffle on the shawl in the Iroho (sp?). And I love it. In fact, I wore it to work Friday, with jeans and a maroon turtle neck sweater. I wore it like a scarf, only shawlier. For the record, I received lots of compliments. From a Knaggle of Knitters, i.e., tough audience.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know that many of you took to gaggin’ in your mind's throat when you saw the shawl last week. Because my husband said it was cute and "kinda Dixie." And because I'd be not surprised if it made the the underground edition of You Knit What?

But I love it. K?

Love. It. K.

Picture? Sure. But I just want to say that photography doesn't do it nearly the scrumptious justice it deserves. But I've nothing to hide. I am not ashamed. In fact, I'm thinking of wearing to work it again tomorrow. So there.

::It looks much cuter being worn. The ties kind of twirl and twist as they hang. But I was too skank for a picture today. Stanky skank. Maybe sometime near the End of March?::

Enough of this triflin'. I gots shit to do.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. -Douglas Adams

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