••• Monday, February 20, 2006

My Weekend State 

If goat did know di size ah him batty-hole, him wouldn' swallow di mango seed.-Jamaican Grandmother

A couple of days ago, I decided that I had bit off more than I could, uh, doo, by thinking I could prepare for this licensing exam in a mere five weeks.

And yes, the testie from hell is all I ever talk about, lately. But people, I haven't been doing much else to talk about. No knitting. ::okay, maybe a little knitting:: No drinking. ::okay, maybe a little of that, too:: But mostly I've been working, studying and taking practice exams, while utilizing the How-to-Survive-On-Three-Breaths-A-Day strategies.

I'd like to say that the studying's been going great, but it ain't. While my practice exam scores are improving, they are not even close to stellar. I seek stellar.

This licensing exam is alleged to be the end-all measure of soshul werk competency for the entire universe (which includes the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and parts of Ft. Wayne, IN). That being said, if there are questions on that exam pertaining to material not mentioned in my study packet, I'm in for some serious fuckage.

With less than two weeks before the big day, I've started to partialize (BIG soshul werky werd) and hone in on my weak subject areas, of which there are several. This system seems to be working okay. For example, I've just learned that the prodomal phase of schizophrenia has nothing to do with getting free stuff, like brain-wave radio reception and Happy Thought seeds from aliens. That stuff is what they call pro bono. I know.

So, today is the last day of my mid-winter break (4 day weekend), spent at the cottage, of course. A weekend during which I devoted at least 24 hours to studying.

Unfortunately, a mother's neglect quickly takes a toll. Yes, that's my sweet Cakers, blown adrift. Literally...

...and figuratively. ::A face only Mrs. Lechter could love::

Here's some Northern Michigan, frozen tundra sky for Sandy, and fellow sky watch lovers:

And some twilight snow for twilight snow lovers:

And for knit lovers, content appropro:

I have lots more to talk about, but time is marching. Remind me later to tell you how a significant boner on my part, almost prevented me from being able to sit for the exam, but I wouldn't have have known until I showed up to take it.

I bid thee a doo.

*My husband thought he was helping me by taking the Cakers outside. Because the windchill was 14 degrees below zero, I wasn't concentrating much on the differences between structural and strategic family therapies. Instead, I was running through the cottage, to look out the various windows and watch for my baby's face to freeze and fall off, while trying to talk some sense into my husband via window taps and writing on note cards. On these note cards I'd written the current wind chill temperature and things like "You're all going to die out there, and make me flunk my test!" Fortunately, the girl was none worse for wear, and truthfully, there's nothing like a little hypothermic coma to keep house quiet for studying.

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