••• Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer of My Knit Content. Still. 

Gable, Gable,
Sweet Enable,
Another project
Off the table.

And now, I present to you, za pipples of za blogs, who come for za knit and mehbee za peek to booby. Okay. Never za booby. Can't hurt to peek, zo. No? Just sayin'.

But we do got za knit. For za pipples.

Pattern: Green Gable, from Zephyr Style

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-ease,in, uh, Blue.

Size: Mostly Medium, with some Large around the Boobease.

Modifications:I went with the medium directions but added more stitches for bust and then some extra decreases. Fit is great, but I think I could've tapered in a couple more rows after boobs.
Dork Alert: I was sooo excited about posting this today, I couldn't sleep last night.

I was also going to discuss, today, my plans to clean out the unfinished business in my bag of burden. Since this post is about celebration, I'll just save the whining for another day. ::Okay, maybe I'm just a teensy bit not exactly ready to face the baggage, but I'm working on it.::

In the meantime, here's 9 out of about 100 katillion reasons I will not be America's Next Top Model:

::No zat not za booby, down dare.::

Have a Monday.

P.S. Pictures can be clicked for closer view. But you prolly already knew that.

P.P.S. The picture mosiac is courtesy of Flagrant Disregard. Go Check out his Flickr Toy array.

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