••• Friday, July 14, 2006

Who Are You and What Have You Done With 'Ol Whatcha Macaller? 

Eff-O Eff-O!
You're blinking twice, I know.
This knitting slacker
Is off her cracker.
Eff-O, Eff-O.

There she be. My little Crumpets.
Pattern: Ummm, Crumpets. Again.

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun, in umm, Rasberryish Pink? ::I don't know real color name, sorry.::

Additional Comments: Well written pattern. No complaints. If any of you are thinking of making this for a little girl, make it when she's a little girl. The round and round and round on 360 stitches for size 6 kinda almost killed me. I made it shorter, for a frocky top.

Yarn is nice and silky but splits like James Brown on Oleo.
I really hoped to get a picture of the top on The Cakers, but after asking her to try it on twice to check the size, then to identify proper shoulder strap placements, she was about having none of it.

It didn't help that when I measured for straps, I freaked her out by placing a straight pin in the bodice, without warning her. She was sure I was going to poke her ::I didn't.:: and would not let me place the second pin.

I could appreciate her feelings and even fought the impulse to say: Well, when I was a little girl, your grandma sewed all my clothes and she always left in a pin somewhere in every garment. When I wore every garment for the first time, I would get a poke. I never knew when or where the poke would take place, but when it did, I would think that my mom didn't like me so much.

I decided to save that one for therapy. Besides, I could just hear some fandangled version coming out of the mouths of babes at our next Thanksgiving Dinner.

I'm thinking the top will be cute over a white t-shirt and cropped pants, for kindergarten in the fall. ::Gasp.::

Meanwhile, back at the Casting-On Couch...
...Our cast-on strumpet is giving it up yet again. ::Hey! We were heading to the cottage. I needed some easy lovin'for the road.::

This time it's Chicknits Ribby Shell.

The yarn is called Sunsette by Plymouth. I was going to link to the yarn at the Plymouth site, but I'm on dial up and have PMS and the extravagant loading time was giving me too much time to think about hurting myself or others. The yarn is acrylic and nylon and nice and soft as only an unnatural fiber can be.

And Norma, I'm thinking we cast-on about the same time for this one, and a little Idahoan Birdie tells me she has plans and yarn for the same pattern. Talk about your Synchro-Knittsity! We're on a KAL and didn't even know it. Wanna race? Oops! Sorry, that's the Whoremone typing. Competitive, cagey bitch, that one. I'll still race ya, but in all fairness, I'm a few more inches along than in the picture.

So there we go. Another one down. I guess my lame little motivation posters held some EFfin' O Mojo after all. So there, ye of little comments. Oops. Whoremone again. Such a b.

Actually, I'm thinking that finishing projects is my new procrastination tool for avoiding the ABC-a-long. People are getting ready to go P, while I'm stuck at the L for Lake. Poor me.

::Imagine beautiful lake picture here.::

WTF? Is there a posted schedule somewhere, outlining the days Blogger actually allows picture uploads? Is it an odd/even thing, or just fucking odd?

Did I mention the PMS?

Oops, gotta run. Someone's screaming, and it's not me. Not good. No one screams on my tirade.

But for you loyal ABC Alongers, the Big M is coming. Promise.

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