••• Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To Shell and Back 

We decided to return a day earlier from the cottage than originally planned. Left behind were my in-laws, who this morning called to report that the 2nd story of the cottage was registering 100 degrees. At least ::thermometer only went to 100::. When it's this hot at the lake, you're in a constant state of mildew and it was definitely time for the cozy comforts of home refrigeration.

I did finish my Ribby Shell. I love both the pattern and the fit. The yarn: Not so much. My initial impression from the mirror was not that bad, although the fabric was kind of heavy. It wasn't until I previewed the 16 fugzillion model shots that I realized that boobs and pink sherbet-y swirls don't go so well.

::16 fugzillion is a butt load of ugly pixel. So ugly, in fact, I was forced to take to the drink, mid-photo-stream. And this is the best shot, but only after lopping off my head.::

In fact, based on my review of the pictures, Boobs + Swirls = Impression of One Hung Low. Which, by the way, is an entirely wrong impression. My body may be falling to hell in a handbasket, but I'm happy to report that the girl things are falling at an equal rate, in perfect symmetry.

Behind the lens, the photographer was so frightened by the psychodelic view of his lovely bride askew, he was compelled to shift his aim to more pleasing appendages. Much to Cheddar's et. al. apparent relief.

::It really does look better in real life, although the ribbing came out a little tight and I'm frequenty pulling down the muffin top.::
Pattern: Bonne Marie's Ribby Shell. Size 37.
Yarn: Plymouth Sunsette(Print version).
Issues: The pattern was a fun, interesting knit and very well written. I wasn't crazy about my yarn choice and resulting fabric. Next time I might try it inside out. I kind of like the other side of the rib.
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