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My Weekend State 

A Week in Review
It was WTF Wednesday, all week long.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was working a late night at school, Cabana Boy took Cakers shopping for a Halloween outfit.

The final choice ended up being a princess affair.
I cared not.

The final choice ended up being a kind of expensive affair.
I cared not.

Even though I had a bit of a pang of guilt over another Halloween passing without making my girl a costume from scratch, at this place in my life, in its relevant proximity to the nearest costume shop, an expensive, store bought costume is hella-bella-wella worth every penny spent and every second of Cabana Boy's precious time expended.

The night that the costume was modeled for me, I saw that it was kind of long but didn't think much about it at the time. Cabana Boy even mentioned it would need to be hemmed a bit so she wouldn't trip in the Halloween parade at school.

No biggie, I thought. I'll do it over the weekend.

I didn't think of it again until the Sunday before Halloween when I planned on getting to it some time before going to bed. But the day got away from me.

No biggie. I'll do it Monday night.

I started working on it Monday at 6:00.

Two layers of seven miles of meticulously measured and trimmed tule, one layer of four miles of hacked underslip, one layer of nine miles of meticulously measured, pinned, pressed and hand-hemmed satin skirt and five hours later, the princess gown was ready for the ball. That's right, five hours. Make that five hours minus the time it took to run to the store for wine.

As I worked and watched the clock I kept thinking that for a forty dollar children's costume, I should not have to put in five hours of work. Hell, for forty dollars this rag should scrub toilets, weave in yarn ends and perform private lapdances.

Q: Why not machine hem?
A: Because my new sewing machine is still in the box and it still would've had to have been trimmed by about 2 inches before putting the machine to it and it would've been more work at that point.

Q: Why not use duct tape?
A: Cakers had to live a morning of kindergarten in the costume, including usual recess and a parade. I think a princess should not have to worry about humiliating garment malfunctions.

Q: Wouldn't it have been easier and more gratifying to just make one from scratch?
A: Shut. Up.

Here's a slice of a class shot my husband took at recess, along with all the other kindergarten parents:

Look at that beautiful hem.

Someday that picture may end up on a poster at the high school senior retreat or someone's graduation open house. Imagine instead of that lovely edge, a fallen hem with duct tape still attached, with maybe some cling-on wood chips or candy corns riding along.

Lapdance or not, it was worth it.

Fur Gawd's Sake, Woman.
This was going to be my WTF Wednesday post. However, since I had WTF Wednesday all week long, it's not getting a special designation.

I was digging around my work bag the other day and came across an envelope of old pictures. I don't know why they were there or for how long, but I'm thinking it was from back when we moved to this house, over five years ago.

Anyway, check out the beaver brows.

That picture was taken in the early 90's I think. I've always loved orange and red together. And I thought those brows were the cat's ass.

Well, I was half right.
Make that two cat's asses.

Big Butt-
on on a hat.

Isn't that the cutest? And it's free! I'm thinking that style might become my pea head to a T.

Did I mention it was free?

Thank you Nik.

Eye Candy WTF Week
This is the last of my fall leaves shots. I promise. The leaves are gone.

The rest of my WTF Week sampling is related to work and not fit for public consumption. I can say that it was a week of weirdness. This upcoming week will be a week of weirdness-follow-up, which will be much less interesting and much more work.

That being said, it will probably be another week before I post. But I still reserve the right to pop in at any time, Norma.

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