••• Saturday, December 09, 2006

Muletide Joy 

I'm posting here today to tell you I have not time to post here today.

1) Cabana Boy has disembedded from the shop and now has Cabana Balls to the Wall here at home.

2) I had to stay late yesterday at work because of yet another emergent issue, which will require massive followup next week. I had originally planned on staying late yesterday to prepare for an important meeting I am running at 7 a.m. Monday morning and to finish up a document that is now over a week late and to do some work on a mandatory report that is .007% done (i.e. it's named and dated) and needs to be completed by the end of the day Tuesday. I brought said report and other document home to work on. Here. Who's that laughing?

3) Last night I was about to finish a hat for a local charity and found a mistake at the start of the decreases. With the help of a rich red buzz, I took this very well, and commenced to rip it back to the boo-boo. Before I knew it I had ripped the entire thing out, balled up the yarn and plopped it in my knit bag. I told myself I'd redo it today but I know I won't. I'm having a hard time with it because I feel guilty that I knit myself a cute hat while a bunch of knitters are busting their asses for charities. Although, at the rate of my current affective degeneration, I may become my own charity case, real soon. More on that. ::I SO should not be on this computer.::

Here's a better shot of my Republic color. ::Yes, this is the third post on this one effin' FO. I'm going for the Milkin' the F.O. in Blog record. Anyone know the current stats on that? Thanks.::

I wore the hat to work yesterday ::I never wear hats except when I'm engaging in outdoor sport:: and got lots of compliments. A friend who is a frequent flyer of the B-Republic recognized the model immediately. I feel very chi-chi in it, which is a rare and beautiful hat experience for the likes of a Pea Brain like me. Although when I was leaving the building yesterday, I ran into an administrator who stopped to update me on a situation. As he spoke, he couldn't NOT look at the big ass button. I wanted to ask him, Does this Button make my Head look big? But I didn't.

3) We've done nothing around here for Christmas. No tree. No outdoor lights. No shopping. Naught. We live in a heavily-draped-with-lights neighborhood, and every house on our block now has outdoor lights, except for us and the house that is still under construction. Most of them went up Thanksgiving weekend, when it was 69 degrees. I'm half expecting neighbors at the door, bearing cookies and casseroles under the guise of assumption that we have met with some Christmas-tree-light-preventing-tragedy. Cabana says he's on it today.

4) I have committed to making a handmade contribution to a charity, due this coming Thursday. I have, er had pieces and bits of the supplies required for the intended product stored hither and yon. It's a craft project involving paper and glue and photos. Amidst the living room carnage last night I found a few of those previously stored items required for this project. I am afraid to take a closer look. This contribution also requires a bit of knitting, of which I have knit not a bit. And I have not clever closing for this one. On to 5.

5) The mice are back. They have been chowing down on the D-Con, then crapping in the empty container. Evidently D-Con in Mouse means "Eat this Fiber. Live Forever."

6) I signed up for Google Reader. I once signed up for Bloglines but it would never let me log in and when I tried to sign up again, it said I was already a member. I'm still trying to figure out the big attraction with the readers. Is it just me or is it more work this way? It seems like a lot of clicking, especially if you fall behind a day or so and you have to read more than one post on a blog, as opposed to just doing it the old fashioned way, by visiting the blog. I'm definitely less inclined to comment. Yes, that is less inclined than my current less inclined inclinations.

7) Last night I was watching TV and on came that commercial with the man and woman watching "It's a Wonderful Life." You know, he's on the couch, she's on the floor, perfectly made up and cutely coiffed, like we all look at the end of the day. From his spot on the couch he reaches under the tree and hands her a gift of diamonds. The only thing in the room, it seems, is them and a tree and a T.V. I looked around my sitting area and this is what I saw:

Here's a closeup on that upper left ::except blogger put it sideways. Fuck you blogger. Just Fuck the Hell you.::

Note to self: Find Therapist for Cakers Entire Family.

In the meantime, I really have no business sitting here. It's almost Christmas for, Rice Cakes! I got some Muletide Ass to kick. Right after go I shoot some bubbles. Just one game. Really.

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